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On my word, how fine we are here, very fine indeed!  And how nice it does look with so many lights burning. [He blows out several.] Why are you hiding yourselves, ladies?  Did you expect such a visitor?


Your Majesty

[The ladies place themselves so that they screen the table.  They hide the cards quickly.]


Do not let me disturb you, ladies.  What is your particular entertainment this evening?  Enjoying a cup of soup, Frau von Holzendorf? [Comes nearer.] Oho—­the silver service? [He looks into cups.] What’s that?  Tea?  Chocolate?  Coffee?


Your Majesty will surely—­permit us—­to keep pace with our age.


Frau von Viereck, you, I imagine, have been keeping pace with your age long enough.  About thirty years ago you’d give an old boy like myself a handshake occasionally.

[Slyly he holds out his hand to her.]

VIERECK (tries to hide the cards behind her back).

Your Majesty—­such graciousness—­

[She holds out one hand.]


Both, Fran von Viereck—­let me have both.

[VIERECK lets the cards fall behind her back.]


What’s that?  Did you not drop something?  My God!  Cards! [He stands as if speechless.] Playing-cards! [To the QUEEN.] Cards, madam—­a Christian court—­and cards!  I am sure, Frau von Viereck, you were merely prophesying from those cards.  I know, ladies, that you were only telling your fortunes from the cards.  I am quite sure, Frau von Viereck, that you were merely endeavoring to ascertain whether you would bury your fifth husband also.  Surely—­or—­is it possible?  Money on the tables! [He clasps his hands in horror.] You—­have-been-playing?—­at my court?—­playing-cards? [There is a knock at the door to the left.] Who knocks there?

QUEEN (aside).

It is Wilhelmine or the Prince of Wales!  I am lost!

[Another gentle knock is heard.]


You are awaiting more visitors?  Come in!

[He goes to the door himself and opens it.]


WILHELMINE, wearing a white veil and domino, comes in cautiously.


A veiled lady!  And such mysterious visitors are received here? [He lifts the veil.] What do I see!  Wilhelmine!

WILHELMINE (throwing herself at his feet).

Father!  Forgive me!


Forgive you!  This invasion of the State Prison—­this attack on my sovereign will?

WILHELMINE (rising, aside).

This is a nice reception.

[There is a knock from the left.]


Was that not another knock? [A stronger knock.] This castle is haunted, I do believe.  And I have indeed been fortunate enough to prevent the outbreak of a conspiracy! [A louder knock.] Who is there at that door?  You will not answer?  Then I must open it myself.

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