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And for this, covetousness and avarice will overwhelm them all.  And wedded to avarice and wrath and ignorance and lust men will entertain animosities towards one another, desiring to take one another’s lives.  And Brahmanas and Kshatriyas and Vaisyas with their virtue contracted and divested of asceticism and truth will all be reduced to an equality with the Sudras.  And the lowest orders of men will rise to the position of the intermediate ones, and those in intermediate stations will, without doubt, descend to the level of the lowest ones.  Even such, O Yudhishthira, will become the state of the world at the end of the Yuga.  Of robes those will be regarded the best that are made of flax, and of grain the Paspalum frumentacea[5] will be regarded the best.  Towards this period men will regard their wives as their (only) friends.  And men will live on fish and milk, goats and sheep, for cows will be extinct.  And towards that period, even they that are always observant of vows, will become covetous.  And opposed to one another, men will, at such a time, seek one another’s lives; and divested of Yuga, people will become atheists and thieves.  And they will even dig the banks of streams with their spades and sow grains thereon.  And even those places will prove barren for them at such a time.  And those men who are devoted to ceremonial rites in honour of the deceased and of the gods, will be avaricious and will also appropriate and enjoy what belongs to others.  The father will enjoy what belongs to the son; and the son, what belongs to the father.  And those things will also be enjoyed by men in such times, the enjoyment of which hath been forbidden in the scriptures.  And the Brahmanas, speaking disrespectfully of the Vedas, will not practise vows, and their understanding clouded by the science of disputation, they will no longer perform sacrifices and the Homa.  And deceived by the false science of reasons, they will direct their hearts towards everything mean and low.  And men will till low lands for cultivation and employ cows and calves that are one year old, in drawing the plough and carrying burthens.  And sons having slain their sires, and sires having slain their sons will incur no opprobrium.  And they will frequently save themselves from anxiety by such deeds, and even glory in them.  And the whole world will be filled with mleccha behaviour and notions and ceremonies, and sacrifices will cease and joy will be nowhere and general rejoicing will disappear.  And men will rob the possession of helpless persons, of those that are friendless and of wisdoms also.  And, possessed of small energy and strength, without knowledge and given to avarice and folly and sinful practices men will accept with joy the gifts made by wicked people with words of contempt.  And, O son of Kunti, the kings of the earth, with hearts wedded to sin without knowledge and always boastful of their wisdom, will challenge one another from desire of taking one another’s
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