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the mighty lord, is united with Kartikeya (his son).  And Arjuna, who bore a circlet of crowns on his head, gave an account of what had happened to him in the forest to Krishna, the elder brother of Gada.  And Arjuna asked, saying, ’How is Subhadra, and her son Abhimanyu?’ And Krishna, the slayer of Madhu, having paid his respects in the prescribed form to the son of Pritha, and to the priest, and seating himself with them there, spoke to king Yudhishthira, in words of praise.  And he said, ’O king, Virtue is preferable to the winning of kingdoms; it is, in fact, practice of austerities!  By you who have obeyed with truth and candour what your duty prescribed, have been won both this world and that to come!  First you have studied, while performing religious duties; having acquired in a suitable way the whole science of arms, having won wealth by pursuing the methods prescribed for the military caste, you have celebrated all the time-honoured sacrificial rites.  You take no delight in sensual pleasures; you do not act, O lord of men, from motives of enjoyment, nor do you swerve from virtue from greed of riches; it is for this, you have been named the Virtuous King, O son of Pritha!  Having won kingdoms and riches and means of enjoyment, your best delight has been charity and truth and practice of austerities, O King, and faith and meditation and forbearance and patience!  When the population of Kuru-jangala beheld Krishna outraged in the assembly hall, who but yourself could brook that conduct, O Pandu’s son, which was so repugnant both to virtue and usage?  No doubt, you will, before long, rule over men in a praiseworthy way, all your desires being fulfilled.  Here are we prepared to chastise the Kurus, as soon as the stipulation made by you is fully performed!’ And Krishna, the foremost of the Dasarha tribe, then said to Dhaumya and Bhima and Yudhishthira, and the twins and Krishna, ’How fortunate that by your blessing Arjuna the bearer of the coronet, has arrived after having acquired the science of arms!’ And Krishna, the leader of the Dasarha tribe, accompanied by friends, likewise spoke to Krishna, the daughter of Yajnasena, saying, ’How fortunate that you are united, safe and secure, with Arjuna, the winner of riches!’ And Krishna also said, ’O Krishna, O daughter of Yajnasena, those sons of yours, are devoted to the study of the science of arms, are well-behaved and conduct themselves on the pattern, O Krishna, of their righteous friends.  Your father and your uterine brothers proffer them a kingdom and territories; but the boys find no joy in the house of Drupada, or in that of their maternal uncles.  Safely proceeding to the land of the Anartas, they take the greatest delight in the study of the science of arms.  Your sons enter the town of the Vrishnis and take an immediate liking to the people there.  And as you would direct them to conduct themselves, or as the respected Kunti would do, so does Subhadra direct them in a watchful way. 
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