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which is moving about, having been created for the Kalakeyas, by Brahma himself.  And this city is furnished with all desirable objects, and is unknown of grief or disease.  And, O hero, celebrated under the name of Hiranyapura, this mighty city is inhabited by the Paulamas and the Kalakanjas; and it is also guarded by those mighty Asuras.  And, O king, unslayed by any of the gods, there they dwell cheerfully, free from anxiety and having all their desires gratified, O foremost of kings.  Formerly, Brahma had destined destruction at the hands of mortals.  Do thou, O Partha, in fight, compass with that weapon—­the thunder-bolt—­the destruction of the mighty and irrepressible Kalakanjas."’

“Arjuna continued, ’O lord of men, learning that they were incapable of being destroyed by the celestials and the Asuras, I cheerfully said unto Matali, “Do thou speedily repair into yonder city.  With weapons will I compass the annihilation of the haters of the lord of the celestials.  Surely, there exist no wicked haters of the gods who ought not to be slain by me.”  Thereupon Matali took me to the vicinity of Hiranyapura on the celestial chariot yoked with steeds.  And seeing me, those sons of Diti, wearing various kinds of attire and ornament and accoutred in mail, flew at me with a mighty rush.  And those foremost of the Danavas, of exceeding prowess, in wrath attacked me with arrows and bhallas and clubs and two-edged swords, and tomaras.  Thereat, O king, resorting to my strength of lore, I resisted that great volley of weapons by a mighty shower of shafts; and also confounded them in conflict by ranging around in my car.  And being bewildered, the Danavas began to push each other down.  And having been confounded, they rushed at one another.  And with flaming arrows, I severed their heads by hundreds.  And hard pressed by me, the offspring of Diti, taking shelter within (their) city, soared with it to the firmament, resorting to the illusion proper to the Danavas.  Thereupon, O son of the Kurus, covering the way of the Daityas, with a mighty discharge of shafts I obstructed their course.  Then by virtue of the bestowal of the boon, the Daityas supported themselves easily on that sky-ranging unearthly aerial city, going anywhere at will and like unto the sun.  And now (the city) entered unto the earth and now it rose upwards; and at one time it went in a crooked way and at another time it submerged into water.  At this, O represser of foes, I assailed that mighty city, going anywhere at will, and resembling Amaravati.  And, O best of the Bharatas, I attacked the city containing those sons of Diti, with multitudes of shafts, displaying celestial weapons.  And battered and broken by the straight-coursing iron shafts, shot by me, the city of the Asuras, O king, fell to the earth.  And they also, wounded by my iron arrows having the speed of the thunder,

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