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what thou wilt have to perform.”  Thereat, O king, I said unto the ruler of the celestials, “If it be in my power to do the work, do thou consider it as already accomplished by me.”  O king, when I had said these words, Indra with a smile said unto me “Nothing is there in the three worlds that is not in thy power (to achieve).  My enemies, those Danavas, named Nivata-Kavachas, dwell in the womb of the ocean.  And they number thirty million and are notorious, and all of equal forms and strength and splendour.  Do thou slay them there, O Kunti’s son; and that will be thy preceptor’s fee.”

“’Saying this he gave unto me the highly resplendent celestial car, conducted by Matali, furnished with hair resembling the down of peacocks.  And on my head he set this excellent diadem.  And he gave me ornaments for my body, like unto his own.  And he granted unto me the impenetrable mail—­the best of its kind, and easy to the touch; and fastened unto the Gandiva this durable string.  Then I set out, ascending that splendid chariot riding on which in days of yore, the lord of the celestials and vanquished Vali—­that son of Virochana.  And, O ruler of men, startled by the rattling of the car, all the celestials, approached (there), taking me to be the king of the celestials.  And seeing me, they asked, “O Phalguna, what art thou going to do?” And I told them as it had fallen out,—­and said, “I shall even do this in battle.  Ye that are highly fortunate, know that I have set out desirous of slaying the Nivata-Kavachas.  O sinless ones, do ye bless me.”  Thereupon, they began to eulogise me even as they (eulogise) the god, Purandara.  And they said, “Riding on this car, Maghavan conquered in battle Samvara, and Namuchi, and Vala, and Vritra, and Prahrada, and Naraka.  And mounted on this car also Maghavan, had conquered in battle many thousands and millions and hundreds of millions of Daityas.  And, O Kaunteya, thou also, riding on this car, by thy prowess shalt conquer the Nivata-Kavachas in conflict, even as did the self-possessed Maghavan in days of yore.  And here is the best of shells; by this also thou shalt defeat the Danavas.  And by this it is that the high souled Sakra conquered the words.”  Saying this, the gods offered (unto me) this shell, Devadatta, sprung in the deep; and I accepted it for the sake of victory.  And at this moment, the gods fell extolling me.  And in order to be engaged in action, I proceeded to the dreadful abode of the Danavas, furnished with the shell, the mail, and arrows, and taking my bow.’”


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