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of lotuses.  And there the breeze is cool, and delicious, and fragrant, and pure, and inspiring.  And the ground is variegated with all kinds of gems, and adorned with blossoms.  And there were seen innumerable beautiful beasts and in the air innumerable rangers of the sky.  Then I saw the Vasus, and the Rudras, and the Sadhyas with the Marutas, and the Adityas, and the two Aswins and worshipped them.  And they conferred their benison on me, granting me strength and prowess, and energy, and celebrity, and (skill in) arms, and victory in battle.  Then, entering that romantic city adored by the Gandharvas and the celestials, with joined hands, I stood before the thousand-eyed lord of the celestials.  Thereupon, that best of bestowers gladly offered unto me half of his seat; and Vasava also with regard touched my person.  And, O Bharata, with the view of acquiring arms and learning weapons, I began to dwell in heaven, together with the gods and the Gandharvas of generous souls.  And Viswavana’s son, Chitrasena became my friend.  And he, O king, imparted unto me the entire Gandharva (science).  And, O monarch, I happily lived in Sakra’s abode, well cared for having all my desires gratified, learning weapons, listening to the notes of songs, and the clear sounds of musical instruments, and beholding the foremost of Apsaras dance.  And without neglecting to study the arts, which I learnt properly, my attention was specially fixed on the acquisition of arms.  And that lord of a thousand eyes was pleased with that purpose of mine.  Living thus in heaven, O king, I passed this period.

“’And when I had acquired proficiency in weapons, and gained his confidence that one having for his vehicle the horse (Uchchaisrava), (Indra), patting me on the head with his hand, said these words, “Now even the celestials themselves cannot conquer thee,—­what shall I say of imperfect mortals residing on earth?  Thou hast become invulnerable in strength, irrepressible, and incomparable in fight.”  Then with the hair of his body standing on end, he again accosted me saying, “O hero, in fighting with weapons none is equal unto thee.  And, O perpetuator of the Kuru race, thou art even watchful, and dexterous, and truthful, and of subdued senses, and the protector of the Brahmanas and adept in weapons, and warlike.  And, O Partha, together with (a knowledge of) the five modes, using (them), thou hast obtained five and ten weapons and, therefore, there existeth none, who is thy peer.  And thou hast perfectly learnt the discharge (of those weapons) and (their) withdrawal, and (their) re-discharge and re-withdrawal, and the Prayaschitta connected (with them), and also their revival, in case of their being baffled.  Now, O represser of foes, the time hath arrived for thy paying the preceptor’s fee.  Do thou promise to pay the fee; then I shall unfold unto thee

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