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and the sword, and surrounded by females.  Thereupon, taking my bow and the two inexhaustible quivers, I pierced with shafts that terrible and frightful creature.  And simultaneously (with me) that hunter also drawing a strong bow, more severely struck at (the animal), as if shaking my mind.  And, O king, he also said unto me, “Why hast thou, transgressing the rules of hunting, hit the animal first hit at by me?  With these sharpened shafts will I destroy thy pride.  Stay!” Then that mighty-bodied one holding the bow rushed at me.  And with volleys of mighty shafts, he covered me entirely, even as a cloud covereth a mountain with showers.  Then, on my part, I covered him with a mighty discharge of arrows.  Thereupon, with steady arrows having their points aflame, and inspired with mantras, I pierced him even as (Indra) riveth a mountain with a thunderbolt.  Then his person began to be multiplied a hundredfold and a thousandfold.  At this, I pierced all his bodies with shafts.  Then again all those forms became one, O Bharata.  Thereat I struck at it.  Next, he now assumed a small body with a huge head, and now a huge body with a small head.  And, O king, he then assumed his former person and approached me for fight.  And, O foremost of the Bharata race, when in the encounter I failed to overwhelm him with arrows, I fixed the mighty weapon of the Wind-god.  But I failed to discharge it at him, and this was a wonder.  And when that weapon thus failed of effect, I was struck with amazement.  However, O king, exerting myself more vigorously, I again covered that being with a mighty multitude of shafts.  Then taking Sthuna-karna, and Varuna and Salava, and Asmavarsha weapons, I assailed him, profusely showering shafts.  But, O king, he instantly swallowed up even all these weapons of mine.  And when all those (weapons) had been swallowed up, I discharged the weapon presided over by Brahma.  And when the blazing arrows issuing from that weapon were heaped upon him all around, and being thus heaped over by that mighty weapon discharged by me, he increased (in bulk).  Then all the world became oppressed with the energy begotten of the weapon hurled by me, and the firmament and all the points of the sky became illumined.  But that one of mighty energy instantly baffled even that weapon.  And, O monarch, when that weapon presided over by Brahma had been baffled I was possessed with terrible fear.  Thereupon immediately holding even my bow and the two inexhaustible quivers, I shot at that being, but he swallowed up all those weapons.  And when all the weapons had been baffled and swallowed up, there ensued a wrestling between him and myself.  And we encountered each other first with blows and then with slaps.  But incapable of overcoming that being, I fell down stupefied on the ground.  Thereupon, O mighty king, with a laugh, that wonderful being at my sight vanished at that spot together with the women.  Having accomplished this, O illustrious monarch, that divine
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