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accomplished in arms,’ those highly blessed Parthas became engaged in the practice of Yoga.  And beholding romantic woods on that mountain, as they always thought of Kiriti, every day and night appeared unto them even as a year.  From that very moment joy had taken leave of them when, with Dhaumya’s permission, the high-souled Jishnu, matting his hair, departed (for the woods).  So, how could they, absorbed in his contemplation, experience happiness there?  They had become overwhelmed with grief ever since the moment when at the command of his brother, Yudhishthira, Jishnu of the tread of a mad elephant had departed from the Kamyaka forest.  O Bharata, in this way, on that mountain those descendants of Bharata passed a month with difficulty, thinking of him of the white steeds, who had gone to Vasava’s abode for learning arms.  And Arjuna, having dwelt for five years in the abode of him of a thousand eyes, and having from that lord of celestials obtained all the celestial weapons,—­such as those of Agni, of Varuna, of Soma, of Vayu, of Vishnu, of Indra, of Pasupati, of Brahma, of Parameshthi, of Prajapati, of Yama, of Dhata, of Savita, of Tvashta, and of Vaisravana; and having bowed down to and gone round him of a hundred sacrifices, and taken his (Indra’s) permission, cheerfully came to the Gandhamadana.”


Vaisampayana continued, “And it came to pass that one day as those mighty charioteers were thinking of Arjuna, seeing Mahendra’s car, yoked with horses of the effulgence of lightning, arrive all on a sudden, they were delighted.  And driven by Matali, that blazing car, suddenly illuminating the sky, looked like smokeless flaming tongues of fire, or a mighty meteor embosomed in clouds.  And seated in that car appeared Kiriti wearing garlands and new-made ornaments.  Then Dhananjaya possessing the prowess of the wielder of the thunder-bolt, alighted on that mountain, blazing in beauty.  And that intelligent one decked in a diadem and garlands, having alighted on the mountain, first bowed down at the feet of Dhaumya, and then at those of Ajatasatru.  And he also paid homage unto Vrikodara’s feet; and the twins also bowed down unto him.  Then going to Krishna, and having cheered her, he stood before his (elder) brother in humble guise.  And on meeting with that matchless one, they were exceedingly delighted.  And he also meeting with them rejoiced exceedingly, and began to eulogise the king.  And seeing before them that car driving in which the slayer of Namuchi had annihilated seven phalanxes of Diti’s offspring, the magnanimous Parthas went round it.  And being highly pleased, they offered excellent worship unto Matali, as unto the lord of the celestials himself.  And then the son of the Kuru king duly enquired of him after the health of all the gods.  And Matali also greeted them.  And having instructed the Parthas even as a father doth his sons, he ascended that incomparable car, and returned to the lord of the celestials.

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