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“Having thus instructed Yudhishthira of excellent deeds, the lord of the Guhyakas, vanished from that best of mountains.  And thousands upon thousands of Yakshas, and Rakshasas followed him in vehicles spread over with checkered cushions, and decorated with various jewels.  And as the horses proceeded towards the abode of Kuvera, a noise arose as of birds flying in the air.  And the chargers of the lord of treasures speedily coursed through the sky as if drawing forward the firmament, and devouring the air.

“Then at the command of the lord of wealth, the dead bodies of the Rakshasas were removed from the summit of the mountain.  As the intelligent Agastya had fixed this period as the limit of (the duration of) his curse, so being slain in conflict, the Rakshasas were freed from the imprecation.  And being honoured by the Rakshasas, the Pandavas for several nights dwelt pleasantly in those habitations.”


Vaisampayana continued, “Then, O represser of foes, at sunrise, having finished his daily devotions, Dhaumya came unto the Pandavas, with Arshtishena.  And having bowed down unto the feet of Arshtishena and Dhaumya, they with joined hands paid homage unto all the Brahmanas.  Then Dhaumya taking Yudhishthira’s right hand, said these words, looking at the east, ’O mighty monarch, this king of mountains, Mandara lieth vast, covering the earth up to the ocean.  O Pandava, Indra and Vaisravana preside over this point graced with woods and forests and mountains.  And, O child, the intelligent sages versed in every duty, say, that this (region) is the abode of Indra and king Vaisravana.  And the twice-born ones, and the sages versed in the duties, and the Sidhas, and the Sadhyas, and the celestials pay their adorations unto the Sun as he riseth from this point.  And that lord of all living beings, king Yama, conversant with duty, presideth over yonder southern region whither come the spirits of the departed.  And this is Sanyamana, the abode of the lord of departed spirits, sacred, and wonderful to behold, and crowned with prime prosperity.  And the intelligent ones call that monarch of mountains (by the name of) Asta.  Having, O king, arrived at this, the Sun ever abideth by the truth.  And king Varuna protects all creatures, abiding in this king of mountains, and also in the vast deep.  And, O highly fortunate one, there illumining the northern regions, lieth the puissant Mahameru, auspicious and the refuge of those knowing Brahma, where is the court of Brahma, and remaining where that soul of all creatures, Prajapati, hath created all that is mobile and immobile.  And the Mahameru is the auspicious and healthy abode even of the seven mind-born sons of Brahma, of whom Daksha was the seventh.  And, O child, here it is that the seven celestial rishis

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