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beheld his brother lying dead on the ground.  And afflicted at the death of his brother, and suffering severely from thirst, he advanced towards the water, when these words were heard by him, ’O child, do not commit this rash act!  This lake hath already been in my possession.  First answer my question, and then drink of the water and take away as much as thou mayst require.’  Sahadeva, however, who was extremely thirsty, disregarding these words, drank of the water, and having drunk of it, dropped down dead.  Then Yudhishthira, the son of Kunti, said unto Vijaya, ’It is long since, O Vibhatsu, that thy two brothers have gone, O represser of foes!  Blessed be thou!  Do thou bring them back, together with water.  Thou art, O child, the refuge of us all when plunged in distress!’ Thus addressed, the intelligent Gudakesa, taking his bow and arrows and also his naked sword, set out for that lake of waters.  And reaching that spot, he whose car was drawn by white steeds beheld those tigers among men, his two younger brothers who had come to fetch water, lying dead there.  And seeing them as if asleep, that lion among men, exceedingly aggrieved, raised his bow and began to look around that wood.  But he found none in that mighty forest.  And, being fatigued, he who was capable of drawing the bow by his left hand as well, rushed in the direction of the water.  And as he was rushing (towards the water), he heard these words from the sky, ’Why dost thou approach this water?  Thou shalt not be able to drink of it by force.  If thou, O Kaunteya, can answer the question I will put to thee, then only shalt thou drink of the water and take away as much as thou requirest, O Bharata!’ Thus forbidden, the son of Pritha said, ’Do thou forbid me by appearing before me!  And when thou shalt be sorely pierced with my arrows, thou wilt not then again speak in this way!’ Having said this, Partha covered all sides with arrows inspired by mantras.  And he also displayed his skill in shooting at an invisible mark by sound alone.  And, O bull of the Bharata race, sorely afflicted with thirst, he discharged barbed darts and javelins and iron arrows, and showered on the sky innumerable shafts incapable of being baffled.  Thereupon, the invisible Yaksha said, ’What need of all this trouble, O son of Pritha?  Do thou drink only after answering my questions!  If thou drink, however, without answering my questions, thou shalt die immediately after.’  Thus addressed, Pritha’s son Dhananjaya capable of drawing the bow with his left hand as well, disregarding those words, drank of the water, and immediately after dropped down dead.  And (seeing Dhananjaya’s delay) Kunti’s son Yudhishthira addressed Bhimasena, saying, ’O represser of foes, it is a long while that Nakula and Sahadeva and Vibhatsu have gone to fetch water, and they have not come yet, O Bharata!  Good betide thee!  Do thou bring them back, together with water!’ Thereupon saying, ’So be it,’ Bhimasena set out for that place where those
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