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“Yudhishthira said, ’O divine one, why wast thou cursed by the high-souled Agastya?  O god, I am curious to hear about the occasion of that imprecation.  I wonder that at that very moment, thou together with thy forces and attendants wast not consumed by the ire of that intelligent one.’

“Thereupon the lord of treasures said, ’At Kusasthali, O king, once there was held a conclave of the gods.  And surrounded by grimvisaged Yakshas, numbering three hundred maha-padmas, carrying various weapons, I was going to that place.  And on the way, I saw that foremost of sages, Agastya, engaged in the practice of severe austerities on the bank of the Yamuna, abounding in various birds and graced with blossoming trees.  And, O king, immediately on seeing that mass of energy, flaming and brilliant as fire, seated with upraised arms, facing the sun, my friend, the graceful lord of the Rakshasas, Maniman, from stupidity, foolishness, hauteur and ignorance discharged his excrement on the crown of that Maharshi.  Thereupon, as if burning all the cardinal points by his wrath, he said unto me, “Since, O lord of treasures, in thy very presence, disregarding me, this thy friend hath thus affronted me, he, together with thy forces, shall meet with destruction at the hands of a mortal.  And, O wicked-minded one, thou also, being distressed on account of thy fallen soldiers, shalt be freed from thy sin, on beholding that mortal.  But if they follow thy behests, their (the soldier’s) powerful sons shall not incur by this dreadful curse.  This curse I received formerly from that foremost of Rishis.  Now, O mighty king, have I been delivered by thy brother Bhima."’”


“The lord of treasures said, ’O Yudhishthira, patience, ability, (appropriate) time and place and prowess—­these five lead to success in human affairs.  O Bharata, in the Krita Yuga, men were patient and able in their respective occupations and they knew how to display prowess.  And, O foremost of the Kshatriyas, a Kshatriya that is endued with patience and understandeth the propriety regarding place and time and is versed in all mortal regulations, can alone govern the world for a long time,—­nay, in all transactions.  He that behaveth thus, acquireth, O hero, fame in this world and excellent state in the next.  And by having displayed his prowess at the proper place and time, Sakra with the Vasus hath obtained the dominion of heaven.  He that from anger cannot see his fall and he that being naturally wicked and evilminded followeth evil and he that knoweth not the propriety relative to acts, meet with destruction both in this world and the next.  The exertions of that stupid person become fruitless, who is not conversant with the expediency regarding time and acts, and he meeteth with destruction both in this world and the next.  And the object of that wicked and deceitful persons is vicious, who, aiming at mastery

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