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to test the power of my mantras that I have, from mere childishness, summoned thee.  Considering that this hath been done by a girl offender years, it behoveth thee, O lord, to forgive her!’ Then Surya said, ’It is because I consider thee a girl that, O Kunti, I am speaking to thee so mildly.  To one that is not so I would not concede this.  Do thou, O Kunti, surrender thyself!  Thou shalt surely attain happiness thereby.  Since, O timid maiden, thou hast invoked me with mantras, it is not proper for me to go away without any purpose being attained, for, if I do so I shall then, O thou of faultless limbs, be the object of laughter in the world, and, O beauteous damsel, a bye-word with all the celestials.  Do thou, therefore, yield to me!  By that thou shalt obtain a son even like myself, and thou shalt also be much praised in all the world.’”


Vaisampayana said, “Although that noble girl addressed him in various sweet words, yet she was unable to dissuade that deity of a thousand rays.  And when she failed to dissuade the dispeller of darkness, at last from fear of a curse, she reflected, O king, for a long time!—­’How may my innocent father, and that Brahmana also, escape the angry Surya’s curse for my sake?  Although energy and asceticism are capable of destroying sins, yet even honest persons, if they be of unripe age, should not foolishly court them.  By foolishly acting in that way I have today been placed in a frightful situation.  Indeed, I have been placed entirely within the grasp of this deity.  Ye how can I do what is sinful by taking it on myself to surrender my person to him?’”

Vaisampayana continued, “afflicted with fear of a curse, and thinking much within herself, an utter stupefaction of the senses came upon her.  And she was so confounded that she could not settle what to do.  Afraid, on the one hand, O king, of the reproach of friends if she obeyed the deity, and, on the other, of his curse if she disobeyed him, the damsel at last, O foremost of kings, said these words unto that god, in accents tremulous with bashfulness, ’O god, as my father and mother and friends are still living, this violation of duty on my part should not take place.  If, O god, I commit this unlawful act with thee, the reputation of this race shall be sacrificed in this world on my account.  If thou, however, O thou foremost of those that impart heat, deem this to be a meritorious act, I shall then fulfil thy desire even though my relatives may not have bestowed me on thee!  May I remain chaste after having surrendered my person to thee!  Surely, the virtue, the reputation, the fame, and the life of every creature are established in thee!’ Hearing these words of hers, Surya replied, ’O thou of sweet smiles, neither thy father, nor thy mother, nor any other superior of thine, is competent to give thee away!  May good betide thee, O beauteous damsel! 

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