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take that to heart!  Illustrious Brahmanas are never angry with old men, children, and ascetics, even if these transgress frequently.  In respect of even a great wrong forgiveness is due from the regenerate.  The worship, therefore, O best of Brahmanas, that is offered to the best of one’s power and exertion, should be acceptable!’ Hearing these words of the monarch, the Brahmana said, ‘So be it!’ Thereupon, the king became highly pleased and assigned unto him apartments that were white as swans or the beams of the moon.  And in the room intended for the sacrificial fire, the king placed a brilliant seat especially constructed for him.  And the food and other things that were offered unto the Brahmana were of the same excellent kind.  And casting aside idleness and all sense of self-importance, the princess addressed herself with right good will to wait upon the Brahmana.  And the chaste Kunti, endued with purity of conduct, went thither for serving the Brahmana.  And duly waiting upon that Brahmana as if he were a very god, she gratified him highly.”


Vaisampayana said, “And that maiden of rigid vows, O mighty monarch, by serving with a pure heart, that Brahmana of rigid vows, succeeded in gratifying him.  And, O foremost of kings, saying, ’I will come back in the morning,’ that best of Brahmanas sometimes came in the evening or in night.  Him, however, the maiden worshipped at all hours with sumptuous food and drink and bed.  And as day after day passed away, her attentions to him, in respect of food and seat and bed, increased instead of undergoing any diminution.  And, O king, even when the Brahmana reproved her, finding fault with any of her arrangements, or addressed her in harsh words, Pritha did not do anything that was disagreeable to him.  And on many occasions the Brahmana came back after the appointed hour had long passed away.  And on many occasions (such as the depth of night) when food was hard to procure, he said, ‘Give me food!’ But on all those occasions saying, ’All is ready,’—­Pritha held before him the fare.  And even like a disciple, daughter, or a sister, that blameless gem of a girl with a devoted heart, O king, gratified that foremost of Brahmanas.  And that best of Brahmanas became well-pleased with her conduct and ministrations.  And he received those attentions of hers, valuing them rightly.  And, O Bharata, her father asked her every morning and evening saying, ‘O daughter, is the Brahmana satisfied with thy ministrations?’ And that illustrious maiden used to reply, ‘Exceedingly well!’ And thereupon, the high-souled Kuntibhoja experienced the greatest delight.  And when after a full year that best of ascetics was unable to find any fault whatever in Pritha, who was engaged in ministering unto him, well-pleased he said unto her, ’O gentle maid, I have been well-pleased with thy attentions, O beautiful girl!  Do thou, O blessed girl, ask

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