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And seeing the abode of Kuvera and the Rakshasas, lying slain on the ground, the king addressed his brother who was seated, saying, ’Either it be through rashness, or through ignorance, thou hast, O Bhima, committed a sinful act.  O hero, as thou art leading the life of an anchorite, this slaughter without cause is unlike thee.  Acts, it is asserted by those versed in duties, as are calculated to displease a monarch, ought not to be committed.  But thou hast, O Bhimasena, committed a deed which will offend even the gods.  He that disregarding profit and duty, turneth his thoughts to sin must, O Partha, reap the fruit of his sinful actions.  However, if thou seekest my good, never again commit such a deed.’”

Vaisampayana continued, “Having said this to his brother, Vrikodara the virtuous, the highly energetic and firm-minded son of Kunti, Yudhishthira versed in the particulars of (the science of) profit, ceased, and began to reflect on that matter.

“On the other hand, the Rakshasas that had survived those slain by Bhima fled in a body towards the abode of Kuvera.  And they of exceeding fleetness having speedily reached Vaisravana’s abode, began to utter loud cries of distress, being afflicted with the fear of Bhima.  And, O king bereft of their weapons and exhausted and with their mail besmeared with gore and with dishevelled hair they spake unto Kuvera, saying.  ’O lord, all thy foremost Rakshasas fighting with maces and clubs and swords and lances and barbed darts, have been slain.  O lord of treasures, a mortal, trespassing into the mountain, hath, singlehanded, slaughtered all thy Krodhavasa Rakshasas assembled together.  And, O lord of wealth, there lie the foremost of the Yakshas and Rakshasas senseless and dead, having been struck down; and we have been let off through his favour.  And thy friend, Maniman also hath been slain.  All this hath been done by a mortal.  Do thou what is proper, after this.’  Having heard this, that lord of all the Yaksha hosts waxing wroth, with eyes reddened in anger, exclaimed, ‘What!’ And hearing of Bhima’s second (act of) aggression, that lord of treasures, the king of the Yakshas, was filled with wrath, and said.  ‘Yoke’ (the horses).  Thereat unto a car of the hue of dark clouds, and high as a mountain summit, they yoked steeds having golden garments.  And on being yoked unto the car, those excellent horses of his, graced with every noble quality and furnished with the ten auspicious curls of hair and having energy and strength, and adorned with various gems and looking splendid, as if desirous of speeding like the wind, began to neigh at each other the neighing emitted at (the hour of) victory.  And that divine and effulgent king of the Yakshas set out, being eulogised by the celestials and Gandharvas.  And a thousand foremost Yakshas of reddened eyes and golden lustre and having huge bodies, and gifted with great strength, equipped with weapons and girding on their swords, followed that

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