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I regard that worst of monkeys on earth to be highly ungrateful, for, O Lakshmana, that wretch hath now forgotten me who am sunk in such distress!  I think he is unwilling to fulfil his pledge, disregarding, from dullness of understanding, one who hath done him such services!  If thou findest him luke-warm and rolling in sensual joys, thou must then send him, by the path Vali hath been made to follow, to the common goal of all creatures!  If, on the other hand, thou seest that foremost of monkeys delight in our cause, then, O descendant of Kakutstha, shouldst thou bring him hither with thee!  Be quick, and delay not!” Thus addressed by his brother, Lakshmana ever attentive to the behests and welfare of his superiors, set out taking with him his handsome bow with string and arrows.  And reaching the gates of Kishkindhya he entered the city unchallenged.  And knowing him to be angry, the monkey-king advanced to receive him.  And with his wife, Sugriva, the king of the monkeys, with a humble heart, joyfully received him with due honours.  And the dauntless son of Sumitra then told him what Rama had said.  And having heard everything in detail, O mighty monarch, Sugriva, the king of the monkeys with his wife and servants, joined his hands, and cheerfully said unto Lakshmana, that elephant among men, these words:  “I am, O Lakshmana, neither wicked, nor ungrateful, nor destitute of virtue!  Hear what efforts I have made for finding out Sita’s place of captivity!  I have despatched diligent monkeys in all directions.  All of them have stipulated to return within a month.  They will, O hero, search the whole earth with her forests and hills and seas, her villages and towns and cities and mines.  Only five nights are wanting to complete that month, and then thou wilt, with Rama, hear tidings of great joy!”

“’Thus addressed by that intelligent king of the monkeys, the high-souled Lakshmana became appeased, and he in his turn worshipped Sugriva.  And accompanied by Sugriva, he returned to Rama on the breast of the Malyavat hill.  And approaching him, Lakshmana informed him of the beginning already made in respect of his undertaking.  And soon thousands of monkey-chiefs began to return, after having carefully searched the three quarters of the earth, viz., the North, the East and the West.  But they that had gone towards the South did not make their appearance.  And they that came back represented to Rama, saying that although they had searched the whole earth with her belt of seas, yet they could not find either the princess of Videha or Ravana.  But that descendant of Kakutstha’s race, afflicted at heart, managed to live yet, resting his hopes (of hearing Sita’s tidings) on the great monkeys that had gone towards the South.

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