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who was virtuous and agreeable in speech, began to console the princess of Videha.  And she said, “Listen, O Sita!  I will tell thee something!  O friend, believe in what I say!  O thou of fair hips, cast off thy fears, and listen to what I say.  There is an intelligent and old chief of the Rakshasas known by the name of Avindhya.  He always seeketh Rama’s good and hath told me these words for thy sake!  ’Reassuring and cheering her, tell Sita in my name, saying:  “Thy husband the mighty Rama is well and is waited upon by Lakshmana.  And the blessed descendant of Raghu hath already made friends with Sugriva, the king of the monkeys, and is ready to act for thee!"’ And, O timid lady, entertain thou no fear on account of Ravana, who is censured by the whole world, for, O daughter, thou art safe from him on account of Nalakuvera’s curse.  Indeed, this wretch had been cursed before for his having violated his daughter-in-law, Rambha.  This lustful wretch is not able to violate any woman by force.  Thy husband will soon come, protected by Sugriva and with the intelligent son of Sumitra in his train, and will soon take thee away hence!  O lady, I have had a most terrible dream of evil omen, indicating the destruction of this wicked-minded wretch of Pulastya’s race!  This night wanderer of mean deeds is, indeed, most wicked and cruel.  He inspireth terror in all by the defects of his nature and the wickedness of his conduct.  And deprived of his senses by Fate, he challengeth the very gods.  In my vision I have seen every indication of his downfall.  I have seen the Ten-headed, with his crown shaven and body besmeared with oil, sunk in mire, and the next moment dancing on a chariot drawn by mules.  I have seen Kumbhakarna and others, perfectly naked and with crowns shaven, decked with red wreaths and unguents, and running towards the southern direction.  Vibhishana alone, with umbrella over his head, and graced with a turban, and with body decked with white wreaths and unguents, I beheld ascending the summit of the White hill.  And I saw four of his counsellors also, decked with white wreaths and unguents, ascending the summit of that hill along with him.  All this bodeth that these alone will be saved from the impending terror.  The whole earth with its oceans and seas will be enveloped with Rama’s arrows.  O lady, thy husband will fill the whole earth with his fame.  I also saw Lakshmana, consuming all directions (with his arrows) and ascending on a heap of bones and drinking thereon honey and rice boiled in milk.  And thou, O lady, hast been beheld by me running towards a northernly direction, weeping and covered with blood and protected by a tiger!  And, O princess of Videha, soon wilt thou find happiness, being united, O Sita, with thy lord, that descendant of Raghu accompanied by his brother!’ Hearing these words of Trijata, that girl with eyes like those of a young gazelle, once more began to entertain hopes of a union with her lord.  And when at last those fierce and cruel Pisacha guards came back, they saw her sitting with Trijata as before.’”

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