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challenge, Vali was for coming out (but his wife) Tara stood in way, saying, “Himself endued with great strength, the way in which Sugriva is roaring, showeth, I ween, that he hath found assistance!  It behoveth thee not, therefore, to go out!” Thus addressed by her, that king of the monkeys, the eloquent Vali, decked in a golden garland replied unto Tara of face beautiful as the moon, saying, “Thou understandest the voice of every creature.  Tell me after reflection whose help it is that this brother in name only of mine hath obtained!” Thus addressed by him Tara endued with wisdom and possessed of the effulgence of the moon, answered her lord after a moment’s reflection, saying, “Listen, O monarch of the monkeys!  That foremost of bowmen, endued with great might, Rama the son of Dasaratha, whose spouse hath been ravished, hath made an alliance offensive and defensive with Sugriva!  And his brother the intelligent Lakshmana also of mighty arms, the unvanquished son of Sumitra, standeth beside him for the success of Sugriva’s object.  And Mainda and Dwivida, and Hanuman the son of Pavana, and Jamvuman, the king of the bears, are beside Sugriva as his counsellors.  All these illustrious ones are endued with great strength and intelligence.  And these all, depending upon the might and energy of Rama, are prepared for thy destruction!” Hearing these words of hers that were for his benefit, the king of the monkeys disregarded them altogether.  And filled with jealousy, he also suspected her to have set her heart on Sugriva!  And addressing Tara in harsh words, he went out of his cave and coming before Sugriva who was staying by the side of the mountains of Malyavat, he spoke unto him thus, “Frequently vanquished before by me, fond as thou art of life, thou art allowed by me to escape with life owing to thy relationship with me!  What hath made thee wish for death so soon?” Thus addressed by Vali, Sugriva, that slayer of foes, as if addressing Rama himself for informing him of what had happened, replied unto his brother in these words of grave import, “O king, robbed by thee of my wife and my kingdom also, what need have I of life?  Know that it is for this that I have come!” Then addressing each other in these and other words of the same import, Vali and Sugriva rushed to the encounter, fighting with Sala and Tala trees and stones.  And they struck each other down on the earth.  And leaping high into the air, they struck each other with their fists.  And mangled by each other’s nail and teeth, both of them were covered with blood.  And the two heroes shone on that account like a pair of blossoming Kinshukas.  And as they fought with each other, no difference (in aspect) could be observed so as to distinguish them.  Then Hanuman placed on Sugriva’s neck a garland of flowers.  And that hero thereupon shone with that garland on his neck, like the beautiful and huge peak of Malya with its cloudy belt.  And Rama, recognising Sugriva
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