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His sister then related unto him the prowess of Rama and the defeat of the Rakshasas with Khara and Dushana at their head.  Informed of the slaughter of his relatives, Ravana, impelled by Fate, remembered Maricha for slaying Rama.  And resolving upon the course he was to follow and having made arrangements for the government of his capital, he consoled his sister, and set out on an aerial voyage.  And crossing the Trikuta and the Kala mountains, he beheld the vast receptacle of deep waters—­the abode of the Makaras.  Then crossing the Ocean, the Ten headed Ravana reached Gokarna—­the favourite resort of the illustrious god armed with the trident.  And there Ravana met with his old friend Maricha who, from fear of Rama himself, had adopted an ascetic mode of life.’”


“Markandeya said, ’Beholding Ravana come, Maricha received him with a respectful welcome, and offered him fruits and roots.  And after Ravana had taken his seat, and rested himself a while, Maricha skilled in speech, sat beside Ravana and addressed him who was himself as eloquent in speech, saying, “Thy complexion hath assumed an unnatural hue; is it all right with thy kingdom, O king of the Rakshasas?  What hath brought thee here?  Do thy subjects continue to pay thee the same allegiance that they used to pay thee before?  What business hath brought thee here?  Know that it is already fulfilled, even if it be very difficult of fulfilment!” Ravana, whose heart was agitated with wrath and humiliation informed him briefly of the acts of Rama and the measures that were to be taken.  And on hearing his story, Maricha briefly replied to him, saying, “Thou must not provoke Rama, for I know his strength!  Is there a person who is capable of withstanding the impetus of his arrows?  That great man hath been the cause of my assuming my present ascetic life.  What evil-minded creature hath put thee up to this course calculated to bring ruin and destruction on thee?” To this Ravana indignantly replied, reproaching him thus, “If thou dost not obey my orders, thou shall surely die at my hands.”  Maricha then thought within himself, “When death is inevitable, I shall do his biddings; for it is better to die at the hands of one that is superior.”  Then he replied to the lord of the Rakshasas saying, “I shall surely render thee whatever help I can!” Then the Ten-headed Ravana said unto him, “Go and tempt Sita, assuming the shape of a deer with golden horns and a golden skin!  When Sita will observe thee thus, she will surely send away Rama to hunt thee.  And then Sita will surely come within my power, and I shall forcibly carry her away.  And then that wicked Rama will surely die of grief at the loss of his wife.  Do thou help me in this way!”

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