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And heads without trunks, and trunks without heads, lay covering the entire field of battle.  And dogs, and herons and ravens, and crows, and falcons, and jackals, and vultures, feasted on the flesh and blood of warriors slain on that field.  And when Jayadratha, the king of Sindhu, saw that his warriors were slain, he became terrified and anxious to run away leaving Krishna behind.  And in that general confusion, the wretch, setting down Draupadi there, fled for his life, pursuing the same forest path by which he had come.  And king Yudhishthira the just, seeing Draupadi with Dhaumya walking before, caused her to be taken up on a chariot by the heroic Sahadeva, the son of Madri.  And when Jayadratha had fled away Bhima began to mow down with his iron-arrows such of his followers as were running away striking each trooper down after naming him.  But Arjuna perceiving that Jayadratha had run away exhorted his brother to refrain from slaughtering the remnant of the Saindhava host.  And Arjuna said, ’I do not find on the field of battle Jayadratha through whose fault alone we have experienced this bitter misfortune!  Seek him out first and may success crown thy effort!  What is the good of thy slaughtering these troopers?  Why art thou bent upon this unprofitable business?’”

Vaisampayana continued, “Bhimasena, thus exhorted by Arjuna of great wisdom, turning to Yudhishthira, replied, saying, ’As a great many of the enemy’s warriors have been slain and as they are flying in all directions, do thou, O king, now return home, taking with thee Draupadi and the twin brothers and high-souled Dhaumya, and console the princess after getting back to our asylum!  That foolish king of Sindhu I shall not let alone as long as he lives, even if he find a shelter in the internal regions or is backed by Indra himself!’ And Yudhishthira replied, saying, ’O thou of mighty arms remembering (our sister) Dussala and the celebrated Gandhari, thou shouldst not slay the king of Sindhu even though he is so wicked!’”

Vaisampayana continued, “Hearing these words, Draupadi was greatly excited.  And that highly intelligent lady in her excitement said to her two husbands, Bhima and Arjuna with indignation mixed with modesty, ’If you care to do what is agreeable to me, you must slay that mean and despicable wretch, that sinful, foolish, infamous and contemptible chief of the Saindhava clan!  That foe who forcibly carries away a wife, and he that wrests a kingdom, should never be forgiven on the battle-field, even though he should supplicate for mercy!’ Thus admonished, those two valiant warriors went in search of the Saindhava chief.  And the king taking Krishna with him returned home, accompanied by his spiritual adviser.  And on entering the hermitage, he found it was laid over with seats for the ascetics and crowded with their disciples and graced with the presence of Markandeya and other Brahmanas.  And while those Brahmanas were gravely bewailing the lot of Draupadi, Yudhishthira endued with great wisdom joined their company, with his brothers.  And beholding the king thus come back after having defeated the Saindhava and the Sauvira host and recovered Draupadi, they were all elated with joy!  And the king took his seat in their midst.  And the excellent princess Krishna entered the hermitage with the two brothers.

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