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Vaisampayana continued, “The princess Draupadi, thus questioned by that ornament of Sivi’s race, moved her eyes gently, and letting go her hold of the Kadamva branch and arranging her silken apparel she said, ’I am aware, O prince, that it is not proper for a person like me to address you thus, but as there is not another man or woman here to speak with thee and as I am alone here just now, let me, therefore, speak.  Know, worthy sir, that being alone in this forest here, I should not speak unto thee, remembering the usages of my sex.  I have learned, O Saivya, that thou art Suratha’s son, whom people know by the name of Kotika.  Therefore, on my part, I shall now tell thee of my relations and renowned race.  I am the daughter of king Drupada, and people know me by the name of Krishna, and I have accepted as my husbands, five persons of whom you may have heard while they were living at Khandavaprastha.  Those noble persons, viz., Yudhishthira, Bhimasena, Arjuna, and the two sons of Madri, leaving me here and having assigned unto themselves the four points of the horizon, have gone out on a hunting excursion.  The king hath gone to the east, Bhimasena towards the south, Arjuna to the west, and the twin brothers towards the north!  Therefore, do ye now alight and dismiss your carriages so that ye may depart after receiving a due welcome from them.  The high-souled son of Dharma is fond of guests and will surely be delighted to see you!’ Having addressed Saivya’s son in this way, the daughter of Drupada, with face beautiful as the moon, remembering well her husband’s character for hospitality, entered her spacious cottage.”


Vaisampayana said, “O Bharata, Kotikakhya related to those princes who had been waiting, all that had passed between him and Krishna.  And hearing Kotikakhya’s words, Jayadratha said to that scion of the race of Sivi, ’Having listened only to her speech, my heart has been lovingly inclined towards that ornament of womankind.  Why therefore, hast thou returned (thus unsuccessful)?  I tell thee truly, O thou of mighty arms, that having once seen this lady, other women now seem to me like so many monkeys.  I having looked at her, she has captivated my heart.  Do tell me, O Saivya, if that excellent lady is of the human kind.’  Kotika replied, ’This lady is the famous princess Krishna, the daughter of Drupada, and the celebrated wife of the five sons of Pandu.  She is the much esteemed and beloved and chaste wife of the sons of Pritha.  Taking her with thee, do thou proceed towards Sauvira!’”

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