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And some sat on the boughs of the kutajas, spreading their gorgeous tails, and looking like crowns worn by the trees.  And in the glades they beheld the graceful sindhuvaras like unto the darts of Cupid.  And on the summits of the mountain, they saw blooming karnikaras bearing blossoms of a golden hue, appearing like ear-rings of excellent make.  And in the forest they saw blossoming kuruvakas, like unto the shafts of Cupid, which smiteth one with desire and maketh him uneasy.  And they saw tilakas appearing like unto beauty-spots painted on the forehead of the forest.  And they saw mango trees graced with blossoms hummed over by black bees, and serving the purpose of Cupid’s shafts.  And on the slopes of the mountain there were diverse blossoming trees, looking lovely, some bearing flowers of a golden hue, and some, of the hue of the forest-conflagration, and some, red and some sable, and some green like unto lapises.  And besides these, there were ranges of salas and tamalas and patalas and vakula trees, like unto garlands put on by the summits of the mountain.  Thus gradually beholding on the slopes of the mountain many lakes, looking transparent like crystal, and having swans of white plumage and resounding with cries of cranes, and filled with lotuses and lilies, and furnished with waters of delicious feel; and also beholding fragrant flowers, and luscious fruits, and romantic lakes, and captivating trees, the Pandavas penetrated into the forest with eyes expanded with wonder.  And (as they proceeded) they were fanned by the breeze of balmy feel, and perfumed by kamalas and utpalas and kalharas and pundarikas.  Then Yudhishthira pleasantly spake unto Bhima saying, ’Ah!  O Bhima, beautiful is this forest of the Gandhamadana.  In this romantic forest there are various heavenly blossoming wild trees and creepers, bedecked with foliage and fruit, nor are there any trees that do not flower.  On these slopes of the Gandhamadana, all the trees are of sleek foliage and fruit.  And behold how these lotus-lakes with fullblown lotuses, and ringing with the hum of black bees, are being agitated by elephants with their mates.  Behold another lotus-lake girt with lines of lotuses, like unto a second Sree in an embodied form wearing garlands.  And in this excellent forest there are beautiful ranges of woods, rich with the aroma of various blossoms, and hummed over by the black bees.  And, O Bhima, behold on all sides the excellent sporting ground of the celestials.  By coming here, we have attained extra-human state, and been blessed.  O Partha, on these slopes of the Gandhamadana, yon beautiful blossoming trees, being embraced by creepers with blossoms at their tops, look lovely.  And, O Bhima, hark unto the notes of the peacocks crying with their hens on the mountain slopes.  And birds such as chakoras, and satapatras, and maddened kokilas, and parrots, are alighting on these excellent flowering trees.  And sitting on the twigs, myriads of jivajivakas of scarlet, yellow
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