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Vaisampayana continued, “Hearing these words of the great ascetic, Suyodhana felt himself to be inspired with new life.  Indeed, it had been agreed upon between himself and Karna and Dussasana as to what the boon should be that he would ask of the Muni if the latter were pleased with his reception.  And the evil-minded king, bethinking himself of what had previously been decided, joyfully solicited the following favour, saying, ’The great king Yudhishthira is the eldest and the best of our race.  That pious man is now living in the forest with his brothers.  Do thou, therefore, once become the guest of that illustrious one even as, O Brahmana, thou hast with thy disciples been mine for some time.  If thou art minded to do me a favour, do thou go unto him at a time when that delicate and excellent lady, the celebrated princess of Panchala, after having regaled with food the Brahmanas, her husbands and herself, may lie down to rest.’  The Rishi replied, ’Even so shall I act for thy satisfaction.’  And having said this to Suyodhana, that great Brahmana, Durvasa, went away in the very same state in which he had come.  And Suyodhana regarded himself to have attained all the objects of his desire.  And holding Karna by the hand he expressed great satisfaction.  And Karna, too, joyfully addressed the king in the company of his brothers, saying, ’By a piece of singular good luck, thou hast fared well and attained the objects of thy desire.  And by good luck it is that thy enemies have been immersed in a sea of dangers that is difficult to cross.  The sons of Pandu are now exposed to the fire of Durvasa’s wrath.  Through their own fault they have fallen into an abyss of darkness.’”

Vaisampayana continued, “O king, expressing their satisfaction in this strain, Duryodhana and others, bent on evil machinations, returned merrily to their respective homes.”


(Draupadi-harana Parva)

Vaisampayana said, “One day, having previously ascertained that the Pandavas were all seated at their ease and that Krishna was reposing herself after her meal, the sage Durvasa, surrounded by ten thousand disciples repaired to that forest.  The illustrious and upright king Yudhishthira, seeing that guest arrived, advanced with his mothers to receive him.  And joining the palms of his hands and pointing to a proper and excellent seat, he accorded the Rishis a fit and respectful welcome.  And the king said unto him, ’Return quick, O adorable sir, after performing thy diurnal ablutions and observances.’  And that sinless Muni, not knowing how the king would be able to provide a feast for him and his disciples, proceeded with the latter to perform his ablutions.  And that host of the Muni, of subdued passions, went into the stream for performing their ablutions.  Meanwhile, O king, the excellent princess Draupadi, devoted to her husbands, was in

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