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foes, Yudhishthira, set out with his brothers and those Brahmanas, followed by the Rakshasa and protected by Lomasa.  And that one of mighty energy, and of staunch vows, with his brothers, at places went on foot and at others were carried by the Rakshasas.  Then king Yudhishthira, apprehending many troubles, proceeded towards the north abounding in lions and tigers and elephants.  And beholding on the way the mountain Mainaka and the base of the Gandhamadana and that rocky mass Sweta and many a crystal rivulet higher and higher up the mountain, he reached on the seventeenth day the sacred slopes of the Himalayas.  And, O king, not far from the Gandhamadana, Pandu’s son beheld on the sacred slopes of the Himavan covered with various trees and creepers the holy hermitage of Vrishaparva surrounded by blossoming trees growing near the cascades.  And when those repressers of foes, the sons of Pandu, had recovered from fatigue, they went to the royal sage, the pious Vrishaparva and greeted him.  And that royal sage received with affection those foremost of Bharatas, even as his own sons.  And those repressers of foes passed there seven nights, duly regarded.  And when the eighth day came, taking the permission of that sage celebrated over the worlds, they prepared to start on their journey.  And having one by one introduced unto Vrishapava those Brahmanas, who, duly honoured, remained in his charge as friends; and having also entrusted the highsouled Vrishaparva with their remaining robes, the sons of Pandu, O king, left in the hermitage of Vrishaparva their sacrificial vessels together with their ornaments and jewels.  And wise and pious and versed in every duty and having a knowledge of the past as well as the future, that one gave instructions unto those best of the Bharatas, as unto his own sons.  Then taking his permission those high-souled ones set out towards the north.  And as they set out the magnanimous Vrishaparva followed them to a certain distance.  Then having entrusted the Pandavas unto the care of the Brahmanas and instructed and blessed them and given directions concerning their course, Vrishaparva of mighty energy retraced his steps.

“Then Kunti’s son, Yudhishthira of unfailing prowess, together with his brothers, began to proceed on foot along the mountain path, inhabited by various kinds of beasts.  And having dwelt at the mountain slopes, densely overgrown with trees, Pandu’s son on the fourth day reached the Sweta mountain, like unto a mighty mass of clouds, abounding in streams and consisting of a mass of gold and gems.  And taking the way directed by Vrishaparva, they reached one by one the intended places, beholding various mountains.  And over and over they passed with ease many inaccessible rocks and exceedingly impassable caves of the mountain.  And Dhaumya and Krishna and the Parthas and the mighty sage Lomasa went on in a body and none grew tired.  And those highly fortunate ones arrived at the sacred and mighty mountain

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