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profit, and happiness, of fame, prowess, and energy, and which enhanceth the joy of foes.  O exalted king, know the truth, the celestial origin of thy soul, and the maker of thy body, and then summon thou patience to thy aid.  In days of old, O king, we have obtained thee, by ascetic austerities from Maheswara.  The upper part of thy body is wholly made of an assemblage of Vajras, and is, therefore, invulnerable to weapons of every description, O sinless one.  The lower part of thy body, capable of captivating the female heart by its comeliness was made of flowers by the goddess herself—­the wife of Mahadeva.  Thy body is thus, O best of kings, the creation of Maheswara himself and his goddess.  Therefore, O tiger among kings, thou art of celestial origin, not human.  Other brave Kshatriyas of mighty energy headed by Bhagadatta, and all acquainted with celestial weapons, will slay thy foes.  Therefore, let this grief of thine cease.  Thou hast no cause for fear.  For aiding thee, many heroic Danavas have been born on the earth.  Other Asuras will also possess Bhishma and Drona and Karna and others.  Possessed by those Asuras, these heroes will cast away their kindness and fight with thy foes.  Indeed, when the Danavas will enter their heart and possess them completely, flinging all affections to a distance, becoming hard-hearted, these warriors will strike every body opposed to them in battle without sparing sons, brothers, fathers, friends, disciples, relatives, even children and old men.  Blinded by ignorance and wrath, and impelled by that destiny which hath been ordained by the Creator, these tigers among men, with hearts steeped in sin, will, O thou foremost of the Kurus, depopulate the earth by hurling and shooting all kinds of weapons, with great manliness and strength and always addressing one another boastfully with words such as these, “Thou shall not escape from me today with life.”  And these illustrious sons of Pandu also, five in number, will fight with these.  And, endued with mighty strength and favoured by Fate, they will compass the destruction of these.  And, O king, many Daityas and Rakshasas also that have been born in the Kshatriya order, will fight with great prowess in the battle with thy foes, using maces and clubs and lances and various weapons of a superior kind.  And, O hero, with respect to the fear that is in thy heart rising from Arjuna, we have already settled the means for slaying Arjuna.  The soul of the slain Naraka hath assumed the form of Karna.  Recollecting his former hostility he will encounter both Kesava and Arjuna.  And that mighty warrior and foremost of smiters, proud of his prowess will vanquish Arjuna in battle as also all thy enemies.  The wielder of the thunder-bolt, knowing all this, and desirous of saving Arjuna, will in disguise take away from Karna his ear-rings and coat of mail.  We also have for that reason appointed hundreds upon hundreds and thousands upon thousands of Daityas and
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