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each other with hard and large crags, resembling vehement thunder-bolts.  Then from strength defying each other, they again darted at each other, and grasping each other by their arms, began to wrestle like unto two elephants.  And next they dealt each other fierce blows.  And then those two mighty ones began to make chattering sounds by gnashing their teeth.  And at length, having clenched his fist like a five-headed snake, Bhima with force dealt a blow on the neck of the Rakshasa.  And when struck by that fist of Bhima, the Rakshasa became faint, Bhimasena stood, catching hold of that exhausted one.  And then the god-like mighty-armed Bhima lifted him with his two arms, and dashing him with force on the ground, the son of Pandu smashed all his limbs.  And striking him with his elbow, he severed from his body the head with bitten lips and rolling eyes, like unto a fruit from its stem.  And Jatasura’s head being severed by Bhimasena’s might, he fell besmeared with gore, and having bitten lips.  Having slain Jatasura, Bhima presented himself before Yudhishthira, and the foremost Brahmanas began to eulogise him (Bhima) even as the Marutas (eulogise) Vasava.”


Vaisampayana continued, “On that Rakshasa having been slain, that lord, the royal son of Kunti, returned to the hermitage of Narayana and began to dwell there.  And once on a time, remembering his brother Jaya (Arjuna), Yudhishthira summoned all his brothers, together with Draupadi and said these words, ’We have passed these four years peacefully ranging the woods.  It hath been appointed by Vibhatsu that about the fifth year he will come to that monarch of mountains, the excellent cliff Sweta, ever graced with festivities held by blooming plants and maddened Kokilas and black bees, and peacocks, and chatakas and inhabited by tigers, and boars and buffaloes, and gavayas, and deer, and ferocious beasts; and sacred; and lovely with blown lotuses of a hundred and a thousand petals, and blooming lilies and blue lilies and frequented by the celestials and the Asuras.  And we also, eagerly anxious of meeting him on his arrival have made up our minds to repair thither.  Partha of unrivalled prowess hath appointed with me, saying, “I shall remain abroad for five years, with the object of learning military science.”  In the place like unto the region of the gods, shall we behold the wielder of Gandiva arrive after having obtained the weapons.’  Having said this, the Pandava summoned the Brahmanas, and the sons of Pritha having gone round the ascetics of rigid austerities and thereby pleased them, informed them of the matter mentioned above.  Thereupon the Brahmanas gave their assent, saying, ’This shall be attended by prosperity and welfare.  O foremost of the Bharatas, these troubles shall result in happiness.  O pious one, gaining the earth by the Kshatriya virtue, thou shall govern it.’  Then in obedience to these words of the ascetics, that represser of

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