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to Dhritarashtra’s sons, are ready here.  With Indrasena and other charioteers skilled in arms, for guiding them, ride ye on these everfurnished cars of deep rattle!  And riding on these, exert ye with activity for fighting with the Gandharvas to liberate Duryodhana.  Even an ordinary Kshatriya (amongst those that are here), would to the height of his power, protect one that hath come hither for refuge!  What then, O Vrikodara, shall I say of thee!  Entreated for assistance in such words as “O hasten to my aid!” Who is there (amongst those standing around me) that is high-souled enough to assist even his foe, beholding him seeking shelter with joined hands?  The bestowal of a boon, sovereignty, and the birth of a son are sources of great joy.  But, ye sons of Pandu, the liberation of a foe from distress is equal to all the three put together!  What can be a source of greater joy to you than that Duryodhana sunk in distress seeketh his very life as depending on the might of your arms?  O Vrikodara, if the vow in which I am engaged had been over, there is little doubt that I would myself have run to his aid.  Strive thou by all means, O Bharata, to liberate Duryodhana by the arts of conciliation.  If, however, the king of the Gandharvas cannot be managed by the arts of conciliation, then must thou try to rescue Suyodhana by lightly skirmishing with the foe.  But if the chief of the Gandharvas do not let the Kurus off even then, they must be rescued by crushing the foe by all means.  O Vrikodara, this is all I can tell thee now, for my vow hath been begun and is not ended yet!’”

Vaisampayana continued, “Hearing these words of Ajatasatru, Dhananjaya pledged himself, from respect for these commands of his superior, to liberate the Kauravas.  And Arjuna said, ’If the Gandharvas do not set the Dhartarashtras free peacefully, the Earth shall this day drink the blood of the king of the Gandharvas!’ And hearing that pledge of the truth-speaking Arjuna, the Kauravas then, O king, regained (the lost) tenor of their minds.”


Vaisampayana said, “Hearing the words of Yudhishthira, those bulls among men, headed by Bhimasena, rose up with faces beaming in joy.  And those mighty warriors, O Bharata, then began to case themselves in impenetrable mail that were besides variegated with pure gold, and armed themselves with celestial weapons of various kinds.  And the Pandavas thus cased in mail, and mounted on those chariots furnished with flagstaffs and armed with bows and arrows, looked like blazing fires.  And those tigers among warriors, riding upon those well furnished cars drawn by fleet horses, proceeded to that spot without losing a moment.  And beholding those mighty warriors—­the sons of Pandu—­thus proceeding together (for the liberation of Duryodhana), the Kuru army sent forth a loud shout.  And soon did those rangers of the sky flushed with victory, and those impetuous

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