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“Crying thus, the followers of Duryodhana, afflicted with grief and melancholy, approached Yudhishthira, desirous of effecting the release of the king.  Bhima then answered those old attendants of Duryodhana, who, afflicted with grief and melancholy, were thus soliciting (the aid of Yudhishthira), saying, ’What we should have done with great efforts, arraying ourselves in line of battle, supported by horses and elephants hath, indeed, been done by the Gandharvas!  They that come hither for other purposes, have been overtaken by consequences they had not foreseen!  Indeed, this is the result of the evil counsels of a king who is fond of deceitful play!  It hath been heard by us that the foe of a person who is powerless, is overthrown by others.  The Gandharvas have, in an extraordinary way illustrated before our eyes the truth of this saying!  It seems that there is still fortunately some person in the world who is desirous of doing us good who hath, indeed, taken upon his own shoulders our pleasant load, although we are sitting idly!  The wretch had come hither to cast his eyes on us,—­himself in prosperity while ourselves are sunk in adversity and emaciated by ascetic austerities and are exposed to wind, cold and heat.  They that imitate the behaviour of that sinful and wretched Kaurava, are now beholding his disgrace!  He that had instructed Duryodhana to do this, had certainly acted sinfully.  That the sons of Kunti are not wicked and sinful, I tell it before you all!’

“And while Bhima, the son of Kunti, was speaking thus in a voice of sarcasm, king Yudhishthira told him, ’This is not time for cruel words!’”


“Yudhishthira said, ’O child, why dost thou use language such as this, towards the frightened Kurus, who are now in adversity and who have come to us, solicitous of protection!  O Vrikodara, disunions and disputes do take place amongst those that are connected in blood.  Hostilities such as these do go on.  But the honour of the family is never suffered to be interfered with.  If any stranger seeketh to insult the honour of a family, they that are good never tolerate such insult coming from the stranger.  The wicked-souled king of the Gandharvas knoweth that we are living here from some time.  Yet disregarding us, he hath done this deed which is so disagreeable to us!  O exalted one, from this forcible seizure of Duryodhana and from this insult to the ladies of our house by a stranger, our family honour is being destroyed.  Therefore, ye tigers among men, arise and arm yourselves without delay for rescuing those that have sought our protection and for guarding the honour of our family.  Ye tigers among men, let Arjuna and the twins and thyself also that art brave and unvanquished, liberate Duryodhana, who is even now being taken away a captive!  Ye foremost of warriors, these blazing cars, furnished with golden flagstaffs and every kind of weapons belonging

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