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Dhritarashtra’s son, having reached the region of the lake, were about to enter the gates of the wood, a number of Gandharvas appeared and forbade them to enter.  For, O monarch, the king of the Gandharvas accompanied by his followers, had come thither beforehand, from the abode of Kuvera.  And the king of the Gandharvas had also been accompanied by the several tribes of Apsaras, as also by the sons of the celestials.  And intent upon sport, he had come to that place for merriment, and occupying it, had closed it against all comers.  And the attendants of the (Kuru) king, finding the lake closed by the king of the Gandharvas, went back, O monarch, to where the royal Duryodhana was.  And Duryodhana having heard these words, despatched a number of his warriors difficult of being subjugated in battle, commanding them to drive away the Gandharvas.  And those warriors who formed the vanguard of the Kuru army, hearing these words of the king, went back to the lake of Dwaitavana and addressing the Gandharvas, said, ’The mighty king Duryodhana—­the son of Dhritarashtra—­is coming, hither for sport.  Stand ye aside, therefore!’ Thus addressed by them, O king, the Gandharvas laughed and replied unto those men in these harsh words:  ’Your wicked king Duryodhana must be destitute of sense.  How else could he have thus commanded us that are dwellers of heaven, as if indeed, we were his servants?  Without forethought, ye also are doubtless on the point of death; for senseless idiots as ye are, ye have dared to bring us his message!  Return ye soon to where that king of the Kurus is, or else go this very day to the abode of Yama.’  Thus addressed by the Gandharvas, the advanced guard of the king’s army ran back to the place where the royal son of Dhritarashtra was.”


Vaisampayana said, “Those soldiers then, O king, all went back to Duryodhana and repeated to him every word that the Gandharvas had said.  And, O Bharata, finding that his soldiers had been opposed by the Gandharvas, Dhritarashtra’s son, endued with energy, was filled with rage.  And the king addressed his soldiers, saying, ’Punish these wretches who desire to oppose my will, even if they have come hither to sport, accompanied by all the celestials with him of a hundred sacrifices.’  And hearing these words of Duryodhana, the sons and officers of Dhritarashtra all endued with great strength, as also warriors by thousands, began to arm themselves for battle.  And filling the ten sides with loud leonine roars and rushing at those Gandharvas that had been guarding the gates, they entered the forest.  And as the Kuru soldiers entered the forest, other Gandharvas came up and forbade them to advance.  And though gently forbidden by the Gandharvas to advance, the Kuru soldiers, without regarding them in the least, began to enter

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