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like unto the crashing of thunder, the lions that were slumbering in the caves, uttered mighty howls.  And being terrified by the yelling of the lions, the elephants, O Bharata, sent forth tremendous roars, which filled the mountain.  And hearing those sounds emitted, and knowing also Bhimasena to be his brother, the ape Hanuman, the chief of monkeys, with the view of doing good to Bhima, obstructed the path leading to heaven.  And thinking that he (Bhima) should not pass that way, (Hanuman) lay across the narrow path, beautified by plantain trees, obstructing it for the sake of the safety of Bhima.  With the object that Bhima might not come by curse or defeat, by entering into the plantain wood, the ape Hanuman of huge body lay down amidst the plantain trees, being overcome with drowsiness.  And he began to yawn, lashing his long tail, raised like unto the pole consecrated to Indra, and sounding like thunder.  And on all sides round, the mountains by the mouths of caves emitted those sounds in echo, like a cow lowing.  And as it was being shaken by the reports produced by the lashing of the tail, the mountain with its summits tottering, began to crumble all around.  And overcoming that roaring of mad elephants, the sounds of his tail spread over the varied slopes of the mountain.

“On those sounds being heard the down of Bhima’s body stood on end; and he began to range that plantain wood, in search of those sounds.  And that one of mighty arms saw the monkey-chief in the plantain wood, on an elevated rocky base.  And he was hard to be looked at even as the lightning-flash; and of coppery hue like that of the lightning-flash:  and endued with the voice of the lightning-flash; and quick moving as the lightning-flash; and having his short flesh neck supported on his shoulders; and with his waist slender in consequence of the fullness of his shoulders.  And his tail covered with long hair, and a little bent at the end, was raised like unto a banner.  And (Bhima) saw Hanuman’s head furnished with small lips, and coppery face and tongue, and red ears, and brisk eyes, and bare white incisors sharpened at the edge.  And his head was like unto the shining moon; adorned with white teeth within the mouth; and with mane scattered over, resembling a heap of asoka flowers.  And amidst the golden plantain trees, that one of exceeding effulgence was lying like unto a blazing fire, with his radiant body.  And that slayer of foes was casting glances with his eyes reddened with intoxication.  And the intelligent Bhima saw that mighty chief of monkeys, of huge body, lying like unto the Himalaya, obstructing the path of heaven.  And seeing him alone in that mighty forest, the undaunted athletic Bhima, of long arms, approached him with rapid strides, and uttered a loud shout like unto the thunder.  And at that shout of Bhima, beasts and birds became all alarmed.  The powerful Hanuman, however, opening his eyes partially looked at him (Bhima) with disregard,

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