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Thou art lotus-eyed.  Thou art possessed of a lily-like face.  Thou hast a thousand faces and a thousand arms.  Thou art the ruler of the universe, thou art the great Oblation, and thou art the animating spirit of all the gods and the Asuras.  Thou art the great leader of armies.  Thou art Prachanda (furious), thou art the Lord, and thou art the great master and the conqueror of thine enemies.  Thou art Sahasrabhu (multiform), Sahasratusti (a thousand times content), Sahasrabhuk (devourer of everything), and Sahasrapad (of a thousand legs), and thou art the earth itself.  Thou art possessed of infinite forms and thousand heads and great strength.  According to thine own inclinations thou hast appeared as the son of Ganga, Swaha, Mahi, or Krittika.  O six-faced god, thou dost play with the cock and assume different forms according to thy will.  Thou art Daksha, Soma, the Maruta, Dharma, Vayu, the prince of mountains, and Indra, for all time.  Thou art mighty, the most eternal of all eternal things, and the lord of all lords.  Thou art the progenitor of Truth, the destroyer of Diti’s progeny (Asuras), and the great conqueror of the enemies of the celestials.  Thou art the personation of virtue and being thyself vast and minute, thou art acquainted with the highest and lowest points of virtuous acts, and the mysteries of Brahma.  O foremost of all gods and high-souled lord of the Universe, this whole creation is over-spread with thy energy!  I have thus prayed to thee according to the best of my power.  I salute thee who art possessed of twelve eyes and many hands.  Thy remaining attributes transcend my powers of comprehension!’

“’The Brahmana who with due attention readeth this story of the birth of Skanda, or relateth it unto Brahmanas, or hears it narrated by regenerate men, attaineth to wealth, long life, fame, children, as also victory, prosperity and contentment, and the companionship of Skanda.’”


(Draupadi-Satyabhama Samvada)

Vaisampayana said, “After those Brahmanas and the illustrious sons of Pandu had taken their seats, Draupadi and Satyabhama entered the hermitage.  And with hearts full of joy the two ladies laughed merrily and seated themselves at their ease.  And, O king, those ladies, who always spake sweetly to each other, having met after a long time, began to talk upon various delightful topics arising out of the stories of the Kurus and the Yadus.  And the slender-waisted Satyabhama, the favourite wife of Krishna and the daughter of Satrajit, then asked Draupadi in private, saying, ’By what behaviour is it, O daughter of Drupada, that thou art able to rule the sons of Pandu—­those heroes endued with strength and beauty and like unto the Lokapalas themselves?  Beautiful lady, how is it that they are so obedient to thee and are never angry with thee?  Without doubt the sons of Pandu, O thou of lovely features,

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