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“Markandeya continued, ’Men who are desirous of acquiring wealth, should worship those five classes of spirits with the sun flower, and for alleviation of diseases also worship must be rendered to them.  The twin Mujika and Minjika begotten by Rudra must always be respected by persons desiring the welfare of little children; and persons who desire to have children born to them must always worship those female spirits who live on human flesh and are produced in trees.  Thus all Pisachas are said to be divided into innumerable classes.  And now, O king, listen to the origin of the bells and standards of Skanda.  Airavata (Indra’s elephant) is known to have had two bells of the name of Vaijayanti, and the keen-witted Sakra had them brought to him, and personally gave them to Guha.  Visakha took one of those bells and Skanda the other.  The standards of both Kartikeya and Visakha were of a red colour.  That mighty god Mahasena was pleased with the toys that had been given to him by the gods.  Surrounded by hosts of gods and Pisachas and seated on the Golden Mountain, he looked splendid in all the grandeur of prosperity.  And that mountain covered with fine forests, also looked grand in his companionship, just as the Mandara hill abounding with excellent caves shines with the rays of the sun.  The White Mountain was adorned with whole tracts of wood-land covered with blossoming Santanaka flowers and with forests of Karavira, Parijata, Jaba and Asoke trees,—­as also with wild tracts overgrown with Kadamva trees; and it abounded with herds of celestial deer and flocks of celestial birds.  And the rumbling of clouds serving the purpose of musical instruments sounded like the murmur of an agitated sea, and celestial Gandharvas and Apsaras began to dance.  And there arose a great sound of joy from the merriment of all creatures.  Thus the whole world with Indra himself seemed to have been transferred to the White Mountain.  And all the people began to observe Skanda with satisfaction in their looks, and they did not at all feel tired of doing so.’

“Markandeya continued, ’When that adorable son of the Fire-god was anointed as leader of the celestial army, that grand and happy lord, Hara (Mahadeva) riding with Parvati in a chariot shining with sunlike refulgence repaired to a place called Bhadravata.  His excellent chariot was drawn by a thousand lions and managed by Kala.  They passed through blank space, and seemed as if they were about to devour the sky; and striking terror into the heart of all creatures in the mobile divisions of the worlds, those maned beasts flitted through the air, uttering fearful growls.  And that lord of all animals (Mahadeva) seated in that chariot with Uma, looked like the sun with flames of lightning illuminating masses of clouds begirt with Indra’s bow (rainbow).  He was preceded by that adorable Lord of riches riding on the backs of human beings with his attendant Guhyakas riding in his beautiful car Pushpaka.  And Sakra

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