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Know that the sixth face of Skanda was like that of a goat.  That face, O king, is situated in the middle of the six, and is regarded constantly by the mother.  That head by which Bhadrasakha created the divine energy, is reputed to be the best of all his heads.  O ruler of men, these virtuous wonderful events happened on the fifth day of the bright half of the lunar month, and on the sixth, a very fierce and terrific battle was fought at that place.”

    [36] i.e., good and evil spirits.


“Markandeya continued, ’Skanda was adorned with a golden amulet and wreath, and wore a crest and a crown of gold; his eyes were golden-coloured, and he had a set of sharp teeth; he was dressed in a red garment and looked very handsome; he had a comely appearance, and was endowed with all good characteristics and was the favourite of the three worlds.  He granted boons (to people who sought them) and was brave, youthful, and adorned with bright ear-rings.  Whilst he was reposing himself, the goddess of fortune, looking like a lotus and assuming a personal embodiment, rendered her allegiance to him.  When he became thus possessed of good fortune, that famous and delicate-looking creature appeared to all like the moon at its full.  And high-minded Brahmanas worshipped that mighty being, and the Maharshis (great rishis) then said as follows to Skanda, “O thou born of the golden egg, mayst thou be prosperous and mayst thou become an instrument of good to the universe!  O best of the gods, although thou wast born only six nights (days) ago, the whole world has owned allegiance to thee (within this short time), and thou hast also allayed their fears.  Therefore do thou become the Indra (lord) of the three worlds and remove their cause of apprehension.”  Skanda replied, “You gentlemen of great ascetic wealth (tell me) what Indra does with all three worlds and how that sovereign of the celestials protects the hosts of gods unremittingly.”  The Rishis replied, “Indra is the giver of strength, power, children and happiness to all creatures and when propitiated, that Lord of the celestials bestows on all the objects of their desire.  He destroys the wicked and fulfils the desires of the righteous; and that Destroyer of Vala assigns to all creatures their various duties.  He officiates for the sun and the moon in places where there is no sun or moon; he even when occasion requires it, acts for (serves the purposes of) fire, air, earth, and water.  These are the duties of Indra; his capacities are immense.  Thou too art mighty; therefore great hero, do thou become our Indra.”

“’Sakra said, “O mighty being, do thou make us happy, by becoming our lord.  Excellent being, thou art worthy of the honour; therefore shall we anoint thee this very day.”

“’Skanda replied, “Do thou continue to rule the three worlds with self-possession, and with thy heart bent on conquest.  I shall remain thy humble servant.  I covet not thy sovereignty.”

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