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of foes, and ever devoted to virtue and truth, and incapable of being vanquished by enemies through prowess.  Accordingly this high-souled Bhima defeating all the manoeuvres of the foes, and breaking their arms, killed on the banks of the lake more than a hundred, commencing with the foremost.  And then witnessing his prowess and strength, and the force of his skill, and also the might of his arms; and unable to bear (the onset), those prime heroes all of a sudden fled on all sides in bands.

“Beaten and pierced by Bhimasena, those Krodhavasas quitted the field of battle, and in confusion quickly fled towards the Kailasa cliff, supporting themselves in the sky.  Having thus by the exercise of his prowess defeated those hosts, even as Sakra had defeated the armies of Daityas and Danavas, he (Bhima), now that he had conquered the enemy, plunged into the lake and began to gather the lotuses, with the object of gaining his purpose.  And as he drank of the waters, like unto nectar, his energy and strength were again fully restored; and he fell to plucking and gathering Saugandhika lotuses of excellent fragrance.  On the other hand, the Krodhavasas, being driven by the might of Bhima and exceedingly terrified, presented themselves before the lord of wealth, and gave an exact account of Bhima’s prowess and strength in fight.  Hearing their words, the god (Kuvera) smiled and then said, ’Let Bhima take for Krishna as many lotuses as he likes.  This is already known to me.’  Thereupon taking the permission of the lord of wealth, those (Rakshasas) renouncing anger, went to that foremost of the Kurus, and in that lotus-lake beheld Bhima alone, disporting in delight.”


Vaisampayana said, “Then, O best of the Bharatas, Bhima began to collect those rare unearthly, variegated and fresh flowers in abundance.

“And it came to pass that a high and violent wind, piercing to the touch, and blowing about gravels, arose, portending battle.  And frightful meteors began to shoot, with thundering sounds.  And being enveloped by darkness, the sun became pale, his rays being obscured.  And on Bhima displaying his prowess, dreadful sounds of explosion rang through the sky.  And the earth began to tremble, and dust fell in showers.  And the points of the heavens became reddened.  And beasts and birds began to cry in shrill tones.  And every thing became enveloped in darkness; and nothing could be distinguished.  And other evil omens besides these appeared there.  Witnessing these strange phenomena, Dharma’s son Yudhishthira, the foremost of speakers, said, ’Who is it that will overcome us?  Ye Pandavas who take delight in battle, good betide you!  Do ye equip yourselves.  From what I see, I infer that the time for the display of our prowess hath drawn nigh.’  Having said this, the king looked around.  Then not finding Bhima, that represser of foes, Dharma’s son, Yudhishthira, enquired of Krishna and the twins standing

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