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Mithila, filled with curiosity.  And he traversed many forests and villages and towns and at last reached Mithila that was ruled over by Janaka and he beheld the city to be adorned with the flags of various creeds.  And he beheld that beautiful town to be resounding with the noise of sacrifices and festivities and furnished with splendid gateways.  It abounded with palatial residences and protected by walls on all sides; it had many splendid buildings to boast of.  And that delightful town was also filled with innumerable cars.  And its streets and roads were many and well-laid and many of them were lined with shops.  And it was full of horses and cars and elephants and warriors.  And the citizens were all in health and joy and they were always engaged in festivities.  And having entered that city, that Brahmana beheld there many other things.  And there the Brahmana enquired about the virtuous fowler and was answered by some twice-born persons.  And repairing to the place indicated by those regenerate ones, the Brahmana beheld the fowler seated in a butcher’s yard and the ascetic fowler was then selling venison and buffalo meat and in consequence of the large concourse of buyers gathered round that fowler, Kausika stood at a distance.  But the fowler, apprehending that the Brahmana had come to him, suddenly rose from his seat and went to that secluded spot where the Brahmana was staying and having approached him there, the fowler said, “I salute thee, O holy one!  Welcome art thou, O thou best of Brahmanas!  I am the fowler.  Blessed be thou!  Command me as to what I may do for thee.  The word that the chaste woman said unto thee, viz., Repair thou to Mithila, are known to me.  I also know for what purpose thou hast come hither.”  Hearing these words of the fowler that Brahmana was filled with surprise.  And he began to reflect inwardly, saying, “This indeed, is the second marvel that I see!” The fowler then said unto the Brahmana, saying, “Thou art now standing in place that is scarcely proper for thee, O sinless one.  If it pleasest thee, let us go to my abode, O holy one!"’

“Markandeya continued, ’"So be it,” said the Brahmana unto him, gladly.  And thereupon, the fowler proceeded towards his home with the Brahmana walking before him.  And entering his abode that looked delightful, the fowler reverenced his guest by offering him a seat.  And he also gave him water to wash his feet and face.  And accepting these, that best of Brahmanas sat at his ease.  And he then addressed the fowler, saying, “It seems to me that this profession doth not befit thee.  O fowler, I deeply regret that thou shouldst follow such a cruel trade.”  At these words of the Brahmana the fowler said, “This profession is that of my family, myself having inherited it from my sires and grandsires.  O regenerate one, grieve not for me owing to my adhering to the duties that belong to me by birth.  Discharging the duties ordained for me beforehand by the Creator, I carefully

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