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is vigilantly devoted to the study of the Vedas.  Whatever conduceth to the happiness of the Brahmanas is always recited before these.  Ever taking pleasure in truth, the hearts of such men never find joy in untruth.  O thou best of regenerate ones, it hath been said that the study of the Vedas, tranquillity of soul, simplicity of behaviour, and repression of the senses, constitute the eternal duties of the Brahmana.  Those cognisant with virtue and morals have said that truth and honesty are the highest virtue.  Virtue that is eternal is difficult of being understood.  But whatever it is, it is based on truth.  The ancients have declared that virtue dependeth on sruti.  But, O foremost of regenerate ones, virtue as exposed in sruti appears to be of various kinds.  It is, therefore, too subtle of comprehension.  Thou, O holy one, art cognisant of virtue, pure, and devoted to the study of the Vedas.  I think, however, O holy one, that thou dost not know what virtue in reality is.  Repairing to the city of Mithila, enquire thou of a virtuous fowler there, if indeed, O regenerate one, thou art not really acquainted with what constitutes the highest virtue.  There liveth in Mithila a fowler who is truthful and devoted to the service of his parents and who hath senses under complete control.  Even he will discourse to thee on virtue.  Blessed be thou, O best of regenerate ones, if thou likest, repair thither.  O faultless one, it behoveth thee to forgive me, if what I have said be unpalatable, for they that are desirous of acquiring virtue are incapable of injuring women!”

“’At these words of the chaste woman, the Brahmana replied, saying, “I am gratified with thee.  Blessed be thou; my anger hath subsided, O beautiful one!  The reproofs uttered by thee will be of the highest advantage to me.  Blessed be thou, I shall now go and accomplish what is so conducive, O handsome one, to my benefit!”

“Markandeya continued, ’Dismissed by her, Kausika, that best of regenerate ones, left her house, and, reproaching himself, returned to his own abode.’”


“Markandeya said, ’Continually reflecting upon that wonderful discourse of the woman, Kausika began to reproach himself and looked very much like a guilty person and meditating on the subtle ways of morality and virtue, he said to himself, “I should accept with reverence what the lady hath said and should, therefore, repair to Mithila.  Without doubt there dwelleth in that city a fowler of soul under complete control and fully acquainted with the mysteries of virtue and morality.  This very day will I repair unto that one endued with wealth of asceticism for enquiring of him about virtue.”  His faith in her was assured by her knowledge of the death of the she-crane and the excellent words of virtuous import she had uttered.  Kausika thus reflecting with reverence upon all she had said, set out for

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