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them?  Leading a domestic life, dost thou disregard Brahmanas?  Indra himself boweth down unto them, what shall I say of men on earth.  Proud woman, dost thou not know it, hast thou never heard it, that the Brahmanas are like fire and may consume the entire earth?” At these words of that Brahmana the woman answered, “I am no she-crane, O regenerate Rishi!  O thou that art endued with the wealth of asceticism, cast off this anger of thine.  Engaged as thou are, what canst thou do to me with these angry glances of thine?  I do not disregard Brahmanas.  Endued with great energy of soul, they are like unto the gods themselves.  But, O sinless one, this fault of mine it behoveth thee to forgive.  I know the energy and high dignity of Brahmanas that are possessed of wisdom.  The waters of the ocean have been made brackish and undrinkable by the wrath of the Brahmanas.  I know also the energy of Munis of souls under complete control and endued with blazing ascetic merit.  The fire of their wrath to this day hath not been extinguished in the forest of Dandaka.  It was for his having disregarded the Brahmanas that the great Asura—­the wicked and evil-minded Vatapi was digested when he came in contact with Agastya.  It hath been heard by us that the powers and merits of high-souled Brahmanas are great.  But, O Brahmana, as regenerate ones of high souls are great in wrath, so are they equally great in forgiveness.  Therefore, O sinless one, it behoveth thee to forgive me in the matter of this my offence.  O Brahmana, my heart inclineth to that merit which springeth from the service of my husband, for I regard my husband as the highest among all the gods.  O best of Brahmanas, I practise that virtue which consists in serving my husband whom I regard as the highest Deity.  Behold, O regenerate one, the merit that attaches to the service of one’s husband!  I know that thou hast burnt a she-crane with thy wrath!  But, O best of regenerate ones, the anger that a person cherishes is the greatest of foes which that person hath.  The gods know him for a Brahmana who hath cast off anger and passion.  The gods know him for a Brahmana who always speaketh the truth here, who always gratifieth his preceptor, and who, though injured himself, never returneth the injury.  The gods know him for a Brahmana who hath his senses under control, who is virtuous and pure and devoted to the study of the Vedas, and who hath mastery over anger and lust.  The gods know him for a Brahmana who, cognisant of morals and endued with mental energy, is catholic in religion and looketh upon all equal unto himself.  The gods know him for a Brahmana who studieth himself and teacheth others, who performeth sacrifices himself and officiateth at the sacrifices of others, and who giveth away to the best of his means.  The gods know that bull among the regenerate ones for a Brahmana who, endued with liberality of soul, practiseth the Brahmacharya vow and is devoted to study,—­in fact who
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