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at that time to befoul the Brahmana’s body and beholding that crane the Brahmana became very angry and thought of doing her an injury and as the Brahmana cast his angry glances upon the crane and thought also of doing her an injury, she fell down on the ground and beholding the crane thus fallen from the tree and insensible in death, the Brahmana was much moved by pity and the regenerate one began to lament for the dead crane saying, “Alas, I have done a bad deed, urged by anger and malice!”

“Markandeya continued, ’Having repeated these words many times, that learned Brahmana entered a village for procuring alms.  And, O bull of the Bharata race, in course of his eleemosynary round among the houses of persons of good lineage, the Brahmana entered one such house that he knew from before.  And as he entered the house, he said, “Give.”  And he was answered by a female with the word, “Stay.”  And while the housewife was engaged, O king, in cleaning the vessel from which alms are given, her husband, O thou best of the Bharatas, suddenly entered the house, very much afflicted with hunger.  The chaste housewife beheld her husband and disregarding the Brahmana, gave her lord water to wash his feet and face and also a seat and after that the black-eyed lady, placing before her lord savoury food and drink, humbly stood beside him desirous of attending to all his wants.  And, O Yudhishthira, that obedient wife used every day to eat the orts of her husband’s plate and, always conducting herself in obedience to the wishes of the lord, that lady ever regarded her husband, and all her heart’s affections inclined towards her lord.  Of various and holy behaviour and skilful in all domestic duties and attentive to all her relatives, she always did what was agreeable and beneficial to her husband and she also, with rapt senses attended to the worship of the gods and the wants of guests and servants and her mother-in-law and father-in-law.

“’And while the lady of handsome eyes was still engaged in waiting upon her lord, she beheld that Brahmana waiting for alms and beholding him, she remembered that she had asked him to wait.  And remembering all this, she felt abashed.  And then that chaste woman possessed of great fame, took something for alms and went out, O thou foremost of the Bharatas, for giving it unto that Brahmana.  And when she came before him, the Brahmana said, “O best of women, O blessed one, I am surprised at thy conduct!  Having requested me to wait saying, “Stay” thou didst not dismiss me!"’

“Markandeya continued, ’O lord of men, beholding that Brahmana filled with wrath and blazing with his energy, that chaste woman began to conciliate him and said, “O learned one, it behoveth thee to forgive me.  My husband is my supreme god.  He came hungry and tired and was being served and waited upon by me.”  Hearing this, the Brahmana said, “With thee Brahmanas are not worthy of superior regard.  Exaltest thou thy husband above

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