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thy devotion, O thou best of men!  But, O Brahmanas, O regenerate one, thou shouldst of a certainty accept some boon from me!” Thus requested by Hari to accept a boon Utanka then, O thou best of Bharatas, with joined hands begged a boon saying, “O illustrious one, O thou of eyes like lotus leaves, if thou hast been gratified with me, then let my heart always rest on virtue, truth, and self-content.  And, O Lord, let my heart always turn to thee in devotion.”  And hearing these words of Utanka, the holy one said, “O regenerate one, all this shall happen to thee through my grace.  And there will also appear in thee a yoga power endued with which thou shalt achieve a great thing for the dwellers of Heaven, as also for the triple world.  Even now a great Asura of the name of Dhundhu is undergoing ascetic penances of fierce austerity with the object of destroying the triple world.  Hear now as to who will slay that Asura.  O son, there will appear a king of invincible energy and great prowess and he will be born in the race of Ikshvaku and will be known by the name of Vrihadaswa who will have a son of the name of Kuvalaswa endued with great holiness and self-control and celebrity.  And that best of kings will be furnished with yoga power springing from me and urged and commended by thee, O regenerate Rishi, that king will be the slayer of the Asura Dhundhu.”  And having said these words unto that Brahmana, Vishnu disappeared there and then.’”


“Markandeya said, ’O king, after the death of Ikshvaku, a highly virtuous king of the name of Sasada, ascending the throne of Ayodhya ruled this earth.  And from Sasada was descended Kakutstha of great energy.  And Kakutshta had a son of name Anenas.  And Anenas had a son named Prithu and Prithu had a son named Viswagaswa and from Viswagaswa sprang Adri and from Adri sprang Yuvanaswa and from Yuvanaswa sprang Sravastha and it was by this Sravastha that the city called Sravasthi was built and from Sravastha was descended Vrihadaswa and from Vrihadaswa sprang Kuvalaswa and Kuvalaswa had twentyone thousand sons and all these sons were fierce and powerful and skilled in learning.  And Kuvalaswa excelled his father in every quality.  And when the time came, his father Vrihadaswa installed him—­the brave and highly virtuous Kuvalaswa—­on the throne.  And having thus made over the royal dignity to his son, that slayer of foes—­king Vrihadaswa of great intelligence—­ retired into the woods for asceticism.’

“Markandeya continued, ’O king, when the royal sage Vrihadaswa was about to retire into the woods, that best of Brahmanas, Utanka heard of it.  And Utanka who was possessed of great energy and immeasurable soul, approached that foremost of all wielders of weapons and best of men.  And approaching him, the Rishis began to persuade him to give up asceticism.  And Utanka said, “O king, to

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