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This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 521 pages of information about The Mahabharata of Krishna-Dwaipayana Vyasa Bk. 3 Pt. 2.


Vaisampayana said, “And the son of Pandu once more addressed Markandeya, saying, ‘Tell us again of the great good fortune of kings.’  And Markandeya said, ’There came unto the horse-sacrifice of king Ashtaka of Viswamitra’s race, many kings.  And there came unto that sacrifice the three brothers also of that king, viz., Pratardana, Vasumanas, and Sivi, the son of Usinara.  And after the sacrifice was completed, Ashtaka was proceeding on his car along with his brothers when they all beheld Narada coming that way and they saluted the celestial Rishi and said unto him, “Ride thou on this car with us.”  And Narada, saying, So be it, mounted on the car, and one among those kings having gratified the holy and celestial Rishi Narada, said, “O Holy One, I desire, to ask thee something.”  And the Rishi said, “Ask.”  And the person, thus permitted, said, “All four of us are blessed with long lives and have indeed every virtue.  We shall, therefore, be permitted to go to a certain heaven and dwell there for a long period.  Who amongst us, however, O king, shall fall down first?” Thus questioned the Rishi said, “This Ashtaka shall first come down.”  And thereupon the enquirer asked, “For what cause?” And the Rishi answered, “I lived for a few days in the abode of Ashtaka.  He carried me (one day) on his car out of the town and there I beheld thousands of kine distinguished from one another by difference of hue.  And beholding those kine I asked Ashtaka whose they were and Ashtaka answered me, saying, ’I have given away these kine.’  By this answer he gave expression to his own praise.  It is for this answer of his that Ashtaka shall have to come down.”  And after Narada had said so, one of them again enquired, saying, “Three of us then will stay in heaven.  Amongst us three, who shall fall down first?” And the Rishi answered, “Pratardana.”  And the enquirer asked, “For what cause?” And the Rishi answered, “I lived for some days in the abode of Pratardana also.  And he carried me on his car one day.  And while doing so, a Brahmana asked him saying, ‘Give me a horse!’ And Pratardana replied, ‘After returning, I will give thee one!’ And thereupon the Brahmana said, ‘Let it be given to me soon.’  And as the Brahmana spoke those words, the king gave unto him the steed that had been yoked on the right-hand wheel of the car.  And there came unto him another Brahmana desirous of obtaining a steed.  And the king having spoken to him in the same way, gave him the steed that had been yoked on the left wheel of his car.  And having given away the horse unto him, the king proceeded on his journey.  And then there came unto the king another Brahmana desirous of obtaining a horse.  And the king soon gave him the horse on the left front of his car, unyoking the animal.  And having done so, the king proceeded on his journey.  And then

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