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“Markandeya continued, ’After Vamadeva had said this, there arose, O king, (four) Rakshasas of terrible mien, and as they, with lances in their hands, approached the king for slaying him, the latter cried aloud, saying, “If, O Brahmana, all the descendants of Ikshvaku’s race, if (my brother) Dala, if all these Vaisyas acknowledge my sway, then I will not yield up the Vami steeds to Vamadeva, for these men can never be virtuous.”  And while he was uttering those words, those Rakshasas slew him, and the lord of earth was soon prostrated on the ground.  And the Ikshvakus, learning that their king had been slain, installed Dala on the throne, and the Brahmana Vamadeva thereupon going to the kingdom (of the Ikshvakus), addressed the new monarch, saying, “O king, it hath been declared in all the sacred books that persons should give away unto Brahmanas.  If thou fearest sin, O king, give me now the Vami steeds without delay.”  And hearing these words of Vamadeva, the king in anger spoke unto his charioteer, saying, “Bring me an arrow from those I have kept, which is handsome to behold and tempered with poison, so that pierced by it Vamadeva may lie prostrate in pain, torn by the dogs.”  Hearing this, Vamadeva answered, “I know, O king, that thou hast a son of ten years of age, called Senajita, begotten upon thy queen.  Urged by my word, slay thou that dear boy of thine without delay by means of thy frightful arrows!"’

“Markandeya continued, ’At these words of Vamadeva, O king, that arrow of fierce energy, shot by the monarch, slew the prince in the inner apartments, and hearing this, Dala said there and then, “Ye people of Ikshvaku’s race, I will do ye good.  I shall slay this Brahmana today, grinding him with force.  Bring me another arrow of fierce energy.  Ye lords of earth, behold my prowess now.”  And at these words of Dala, Vamadeva said, “This arrow of terrible mien and tempered with poison, that thou aimest at me, thou shall not, O ruler of men, be able to aim nor even to shoot.”  And thereupon the king said, “Ye men of Ikshvaku’s race, behold me incapable of shooting the arrow that hath been taken up by me.  I fail to compass the death of this Brahmana.  Let Vamadeva who is blessed with a long life live.”  Then Vamadeva said, “Touching thy queen with this arrow, thou mayst purge thyself of the sin (of attempting to take the life of a Brahmana).”  And king Dala did as he was directed and the queen then addressed the Muni, and said, “O Vamadeva, let me be able to duly instruct this wretched husband of mine from day to day, imparting unto him words of happy import; and let me always wait upon and serve the Brahmanas, and by this acquire, O Brahmana, the sacred regions hereafter.”  And hearing these words of the queen, Vamadeva said, “O thou of beautiful eyes, thou hast saved this royal race.  Beg thou an incomparable boon.  I will grant thee whatever thou mayst ask.  And, O thou faultless one, rule thou, O princess, these thy kinsmen and this great kingdom of the Ikshvakus!” And hearing these words of Vamadeva the princess said, “This, O holy one, is the boon I seek, viz., that my husband may now be freed from his sin, and that thou mayst be employed in thinking of the weal of his son and kinsmen.  This is the boon that I ask, O thou foremost of Brahmanas!"’

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