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Nothing is more likely to engender bitter thoughts than idleness and ennui.  Occupations should be selected with a view to improve and amuse; they should be varied, to prevent the lassitude resulting from monotony; serious meditations and abstract studies should be relieved by the lighter branches of literature; music should be assiduously cultivated; nothing more refines and exalts the mind; not the mere performance of mechanical difficulties, either vocal or instrumental, for these, unless pursued with extreme caution, enlarge the hand and fatigue the chest, without imparting the advantages we allude to.

Drawing is highly calculated to enhance feminine beauty; the thoughts it excites are soothing and serene, the gentle enthusiasm that is felt during this delightful occupation not only dissipates melancholy and morbid sensibility, but by developing the judgment and feeling, imparts a higher tone of character to the expression of the countenance.

Indolent persons are apt to decide that they have “no taste” for such or such pursuits, forgetting that tastes may be acquired by the mind as well as by the palate, and only need a judicious direction.

Frivolous employment, and vitiated sentiments would spoil the finest face ever created.  Body and mind are, in fact, so intimately connected, that it is futile, attempting to embellish the one, while neglecting the other, especially as the highest order of all beauty is the intellectual. Let those females, therefore, who are the most solicitous about their beauty, and the most eager to produce a favourable impression, cultivate the moral, religious, and intellectual attributes, and in this advice consists the recipe for the finest cosmetic in the world, viz.—­CONTENT.


Almondegos soup, 11. 
Almond pudding, 117.
  rice, 126.
  paste, 127.
  tea-cakes, 152. 
Amnastich, 83. 
Apple charlotte, 139, 140.
  jelly, 166.
  sauce, 23. 
Apricot jam, 165.
  preserve, 164. marmalade, 163. 
Arrowroot pudding, 136. 
Asparagus sauce, 28.
  soup, 12.

Barley milk, 178.
  jelly, 177.
  soup, 14. 
Batter pudding, 135. 
Beans, French, to stew with oil, 93.
  au beurre, 96.
  to pickle, 170. 
Bechamel, 32. 
Beef, rump, to stew, 53.
  a la mode, or sour meat, 53, 54.
  of, an olio, 52. 
Beef, stewed with French beans, 54.
  with white dried peas and beans, and celery, 56.
  collops, 57.
  cold roast, to warm, 57.
  steak, with chesnuts, 58.
  steak, stewed simply, 58.
  hash of, 57.
  brisket of, with vegetables, 59, 60.
  brisket, with onions and raisins, 59.
  tea, 171.
  ragout of, 60.
  steak pie, 188.
  to salt, 61.
  to spice, 61.
  to smoke, 62. Blanc, 51. 
Blanching, directions for, 57. 
Blancmange, 147. 

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