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Aspie, a term used for savoury jelly, in which cold poultry, meat, &c., is often served.

Bain-Marie.  This is a large pan filled with boiling water, in which several saucepans can be placed when their contents are required to be kept hot without boiling—­this is a useful article in a kitchen, where the manner in which sauces are prepared is considered deserving of attention.

Bechamel, a superior kind of white sauce, used in French cookery.

Blanquette, a kind of fricassee with a white sauce.

Bola-d’amour, a very rich and expensive Spanish confection.

Bolas, a kind of rich cake or pudding.

Cassereet, a sauce prepared from the cassada, a West Indian plant—­it must be used with moderation.

Casserole, a name given to a crust formed of rice baked, and then filled with mince, fricassee, or fruit.

Chorissa, a sausage peculiar to the Jewish kitchen, of delicate and piquante flavour.

Consomme, is a term now used for stock—­it is a clear strong broth, forming the basis of all soups, sauces, gravies, &c.

Croquettes and Risoles; preparations of forcemeat, formed into fancy shapes, and fried.

Croutons, sippets of bread or toast, to garnish hashes, salmis, &c., are so called.

Doce, a mixture of sugar with almonds or cocoa-nut.

Entrees.  These are side-dishes, for the first course, consisting of cutlets, vol au vents, fricassees, fillets, sweetbreads, salmis, scallops, &c., &c.

Entremets.  These are side-dishes for the second course; they comprise dressed vegetables, puddings, gateaux, pastries, fritters, creams, jellies, timbales, &c.

Farcie, a French term for forcemeat; it is a mixture of savoury ingredients, used for croquettes, balls, &c.  Meat is by no means a necessary ingredient, although the English word might seem to imply the contrary.

Fondeaux, and Fondus, are savoury kinds of soufles.

Fricandeaux, a term for small well-trimmed pieces of meat, stewed in various ways.

Fricassee.  This is a name used for delicate stews, when the articles are cut in pieces.

Fricandelles.  These are very small fricandeaux, two or three of which are served on one dish, and they sometimes also are delicate, but highly-flavoured minces, formed into any approved shapes.

Flanks are large standing side-dishes.

Gateaux, is a kind of cake or pudding.

Hors d’oeuvres. These are light entrees in the first course; they are sometimes called assiettes volantes; they are handed during the first course; they comprise anchovies, fish salads, patties of various kinds, croquettes, risolles, maccaroni, &c.

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