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[1] We have here omitted two sections of very uninteresting cosmographical
    observations on the antipodes, the torrid zone, the climate of the
    Western hemisphere, and the peopling of America.—­E.

[2] The author or translator has here committed a material arithmetical
    error; as 180 degrees, multiplied by 17-1/2, only produce 3150

[3] This sum does not much exceed ten pounds of our present money; yet in
    these days was thought a gift worthy of a queen.—­Churchill.

    The value of money must then have been much greater than now, perhaps
    ten times; in which case this supply may have been equal to about 22
    hundred guineas in effective value.—­E.

[4] This is little above L.520 of our money, according to the present

    Probably equal in effective value to L.5200 in the present time.—­E.


Conditions granted to Columbus by the Crown of Castile, and an Account of his first Voyage, in which he discovered the New World.

Columbus and the Secretary Coloma conferred together upon the conditions, which he had demanded from the beginning, and they at length agreed to the following articles, which were signed on the 17th April 1492.

1.  Their Catholic majesties, as sovereigns of the ocean, do from this time constitute Don Christopher Columbus their admiral, throughout all those islands or continents, that by his means shall be discovered and conquered in the said ocean, for the term of his life, and after his death to his heirs and successors for ever, with all the immunities and prerogatives belonging to the said office, in the same manner as they have been enjoyed by their admiral, Don Alonso Enriquez, and his predecessors, within their liberties.

2.  Their highnesses do constitute and appoint the said D. C. Columbus their viceroy and governor-general of all the islands or continents, which, as has been said, he shall discover and conquer in the said seas; and that he shall nominate three persons for the government of each of them, of whom their highnesses shall choose one.

3.  Their highnesses grant to the said D. C. Columbus, the tenth part of all commodities whatsoever, whether pearls, precious stones, gold, silver, spice, or any other, bought, bartered, found, taken, or otherwise had, within the limits of the said admiralty, the charges being first deducted; so that he shall take to himself the said tenth part, to use, enjoy, and dispose of at his pleasure.

4.  In case any controversies shall arise on account of the commodities he may bring from the said islands or countries, so conquered or discovered as aforesaid, or on account of those here taken of other merchants in exchange for these, in the place where the said trade shall be settled; if it shall belong of right to the admiral to try such causes, he shall be allowed to do so by himself or deputy, as was allowed to the admiral Don Alonso Enriquez, and his predecessors, within their districts.

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