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  VIII.  Farther discovery of Hispaniola; simplicity of the natives; the
  Admiral loses his ship, and resolves to settle a colony in the island.

  IX.  The Admiral builds a fort in Hispaniola, and prepares for his return
  to Spain.

  X. Account of the Voyage home from Hispaniola to Lisbon.

  XI.  From the arrival of Columbus at Lisbon till the commencement of his
  Second Voyage to the New World.

  XII.  Second Voyage of Columbus to the West Indies, and establishment of
  Isabella, the first European colony in the New World.

  XIII.  Columbus proceeds to explore the coast of Cuba, discovers the
  island of Jamaica, and returns to Isabella in Hispaniola.

  XIV.  Summary of occurrences in Hispaniola, to the return of Columbus
  into Spain from his Second Voyage.

  XV.  Conclusion of the discoveries of Columbus.

Chap.  III.  The voyages of Americus Vespucius to the New World, Introduction.

  I. The First Voyage of Vespucius.

  II.  The Second Voyage of Americus Vespucius.

  III.  The Third voyage of Americus Vespucius.

  IV.  The Fourth voyage of Americus Vespucius.

Chap.  IV.  Summary of the discoveries and settlements of the Spaniards in the West Indies, from the death of Columbus to the expedition of Hernando Cortes against Mexico, Introduction.

  I. Improvements made in the colony of Hispaniola, by Nicholas de
  Obando, and the great value of gold procured in that island during his

  II.  Settlement of Porto Rico under Juan Ponce de Leon.

  III.  Don James Columbus is appointed to the government of the Spanish
  dominions in the West Indies.

  IV.  Settlement of a Pearl Fishery at the island of Cubagua.

  V. Alonzo de Hojeda and Diego de Nicuessa are commissioned to make
  discoveries and settlements in the New World, with an account of the
  adventures and misfortunes of Hojeda.

  VI.  The history of Vasco Nugnez de Balboa, and the establishment, by
  his means, of the colony of Darien.

  VII.  The adventures, misfortunes, and death of Don Diego de Nicuessa,
  the founder of the colony of Nombre de Dios.

  VIII.  The conquest and settlement of the island of Cuba by Diego

  IX.  The strange expedition of Juan Ponce de Leon in search of the
  Fountain of Youth, in which he discovered Florida and the Bahama

  X. The martyrdom of two Dominican Friars on the coast of Venezuela,
  through the avarice of the Spaniards.

  XI.  Discoveries on the continent of America, by command of Velasquez,
  under the conduct of Francis Hernandez de Cordova.

  XII.  Farther discoveries on the continent by Juan Grijalva, under the
  orders of Velasquez, by which a way is opened to Mexico or New Spain.

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