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Book II.  History of the discovery of America, and of some of the early conquests in the new world

Chap.  I. History of the discovery of America, by Christopher Columbus, written by his son Don Ferdinand Columbus, Introduction, Epochs of American discovery, Authors Preface.

  I. Of the country, original, and name of Admiral Christopher
  Columbus; with other particulars of his life previous to his arrival in

  II.  Of his first coming to Portugal, and the motives of his
  proposing to discover the West Indies.

  III.  The Admiral, disgusted by the procedure of the King of
  Portugal, in regard to the proposed discovery, offers his services
  to the court of Spain.

  IV.  Narrative of the First Voyage of Columbus, in which he actually
  discovered the New World[1].

  VI.  Second Voyage of Columbus to the West Indies.

  VII.  Account of the antiquities, ceremonies, and religion of the
  natives of Hispaniola, collected by F. Roman, by order of the Admiral.

  VIII.  The Admiral returns to Spain from his second voyage.

  IX.  Account of the Admirals Third Voyage, during which he discovered
  the continent of Paria; with the occurrences to his arrival in

  X. An account of the Rebellion in Hispaniola, previous to the arrival
  of the Admiral.

  XI.  Continuation of the troubles after the return of the Admiral to
  Hispaniola, to their adjustment.

  XII.  Transactions in Hispaniola subsequent to the settlement of the
  disturbances, until the sending of Columbus in irons to Spain.

  XIII.  Account of the Fourth Voyage of Columbus to the West Indies.

Chap.  II.  Account of the Discovery of America, by Christopher Columbus; by Antonio de Herrera.

  I. Of the knowledge of the Ancients respecting the New World.

  II.  Of the motives which led Columbus to believe that there were
  unknown countries.

  III.  Columbus proposes his design to the King and Queen of Spain; which,
  after many repulses, is adopted by the Queen.

  IV.  Conditions granted to Columbus by the crown of Castile, and an
  account of his First Voyage, in which he discovered the New World.

  V. Continuation of the voyage; signs of approaching land; the people
  mutiny, and the Admiral endeavours to appease them.

  VI.  Discovery of the Islands of San Salvador, the Conception,
  Ferdinandina, Isabella, and others; with a description of these Islands,
  and some account of the Natives.

  VII.  Discovery of Cuba and Hispaniola, and desertion of Martin Alonzo

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