Poetical Works of Edmund Waller and Sir John Denham eBook

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Of the Danger His Majesty (being Prince) Escaped in the Road at St

Of His Majesty’s receiving the News of the Duke of Buckingham’s Death

On the Taking of Salle

Upon His Majesty’s Repairing of St. Paul’s

The Countess of Carlisle in Mourning

In Answer to One who writ a Libel against the Countess of Carlisle

Of her Chamber

Thyrsis, Galatea

On my Lady Dorothy Sidney’s Picture

At Penshurst

Of the Lady who can Sleep when she Pleases

Of the Misreport of her being Painted

Of her Passing through a Crowd of People

The Story of Phoebus and Daphne, applied

On the Friendship betwixt Saccharissa and Amoret

At Penshurst

The Battle of the Summer Islands

Of the Queen

The Apology of Sleep, for not Approaching the Lady who can do anything but Sleep when she Pleases


A La Malade

Upon the Death of my Lady Rich

Of Love

For Drinking of Healths

Of my Lady Isabella, Playing on the Lute

Of Mrs. Arden

Of the Marriage of the Dwarfs

Love’s Farewell

From a Child

On a Girdle

The Fall

Of Sylvia

The Bud

On the Discovery of a Lady’s Painting

Of Loving at First Sight

The Self-Banished

A Panegyric to my Lord Protector, of the Present Greatness, and Joint
Interest, of His Highness, and this Nation

On the Head of a Stag

The Miser’s Speech, in a Masque

Chloris and Hylas, made to a Saraband

In Answer of Sir John Suckling’s Verses

An Apology for having Loved Before

The Night-Piece; or, a Picture Drawn in the Dark

On the Picture of a Fair Youth, Taken after he was Dead

On a Brede of Divers Colours, Woven by Four Ladies

Of a War with Spain, and Fight at Sea

Upon the Death of the Lord Protector

On St. James’s Park, as lately Improved by His Majesty

Of Her Royal Highness, Mother to the Prince of Orange; and of her
Portrait, Written by the Late Duchess of York, while she Lived with her

Upon Her Majesty’s New Buildings at Somerset House

Of a Tree Cut in Paper

Verses to Dr. George Rogers, on his Taking the Degree of Doctor of Physic at Padua, in the Year 1664

Instructions to a Painter, for the Drawing of the Posture and Progress of His Majesty’s Forces at Sea, under the Command of His Highness-Royal; together with the Battle and Victory obtained over the Dutch, June 3, 1665

Of English Verse

These Verses were Writ in the Tasso of Her Royal Highness

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