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  I will.


  Take then your faire one with you and your Queene
  Of goodnesse, and of us; O give me leave
  To take your arme in mine:  Come every one
  That takes delight in goodnesse, helpe to sing
  Loude thankes for me, that I am prov’d no King.


The following verse variations have also been noted between the Act printed above from A and the quartos B, C, D and G.

p. 434, ll. 46 and 47.  B, C, D, G] two lines, hint, rope.

p. 436, ll. 19 and 20.  B—­D] two lines, better, Grandsire.

p. 437, ll. 16—­18.  B, C, D, G] six lines, Whore, satisfied, Dancer, Musilians, thee, whore.

p. 438, ll. 40 and 41.  B, C, D, G] four lines, laming, fall, Sword-men, Stock-fish.

p. 442, ll. 22 and 23.  B, C, D, G] two lines, in-, affection.

p. 443, ll. 24 and 25.  B, C, D, G] three lines, impudence, me, answere. ll. 44 and 45.  Three lines, All, cause, light.

p. 446, ll. 17 and 18.  B, C, D, G] one line, This. ll. 19 and 20.  B, C, D, G] one line, Truth. l. 26.  Two lines, hat, desire.

p. 447, ll. 16 and 17.  B, C, D, G] two lines, ever, us. ll. 23 and 24.  B, C, D, G] one line, Queene. ll. 29 and 30.  B, C, D, G] one line, will.

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