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This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 274 pages of information about Camps and Trails in China.

The story of our travels is at an end.  Once more we are indefinable units in a vast work-a-day world, bound by the iron chains of convention to the customs of civilized men and things.  The glorious days in our beloved East are gone, and yet, to us, the Orient seems not far away, for the miles of land and water can be traversed in a thought.  Again we stand before our tent with the fragrant breath of the pines about us, watching the glistening peaks of the Snow Mountain turn purple and gold in the setting sun; again, we feel the mystic spell of the jungle, or hear the low, sweet tones of a gibbon’s call.  We have only to shut our eyes to bring back a picture of the bleak barriers of the Forbidden Land or the sunlit streets of a Burma village.  Thank God, we saw it all together and such blessed memories can never die.


Abercrombie & Fitch Co. 
Abertsen, Mr., Chinese Customs, employee of;
    discovered hunting ground near Hui-yao;
    killed two gorals
Akeley, Carl E.
Allen, Dr. J.A. 
American flags
American Legation, Peking
American Museum Journal
American Museum of Natural History;
    trustees of, specimens being prepared at
Ammunition, loss of
Anas boscas (Mallard ducks)
Anglo-Chinese College
Animal life, lack of
Ape, gray (Pygathrix)
Apodemus (white-footed mouse)
Asia Magazine, quoted from
Asiatic Zooelogical Expedition;
    members of

Babies, killing and selling of
Baboon, brown (Macacus)
Baboon, Indian (Macacus rhesus)
Bamboo chickens
Bandits, attack of
Bankhardt, Mr.
Bat apartment house
Bat cave, description of;
    experience of girl in
Bats, method of killing
Bear cubs (Ursus tibetanus), purchased at Teng-yueg
Berger, Anna Katherine, acknowledgment to
Bering Strait
Bernheimer, Mr. and Mrs. Charles L.
Betel nut
    railroad from;
    road to;
    description of
Big Ravine, description of;
    temples near
Birds, game
Boat, Chinese, eye on
Bode, Mr.
Bohea Hills
Bound feet
Bowdoin, George
Bradley, Dr.;
    established leper hospital at Paik-hoi
Brahmin priests
Brahminy ducks;
    habits of
Bridge, suspension, description of
Bridges, rope
Brigand, seal of a pardoned
Brigands; beheading of;
    infest Yuen-nan;
    description of
British American Tobacco Co., Hongkong
British East Africa
Brooke, Englishman, killed by Lolos
Bureau of Foreign Affairs, Director of
Burial, expenses of
    border of;
    girls of;
    mammals caught near;
    frontier of;
    boundary of

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