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Our camp on the Snow Mountain at an altitude of 12,000 feet.

Yvette Borup Andrews with a pet Yuen-nan squirrel
Edmund Heller
Roy Chapman Andrews and a goral

A Chinese hunter and a muntjac
Brigands killed in the Yen-ping Rebellion

The Ling-suik monastery
A priest of Ling-suik

A Chinese mother with her children
Chinese women of the coolie class with bound feet

Cormorant fishers on the lake at Yuen-nan Fu
Our camp at Chou Chou on the way to Ta-li Fu

The Pagodas at Ta-li Fu
The dead of China

The residence of Rev. William J. Hanna at Ta-li-Fu
The gate and main street of Ta-li Fu

One of the pagodas at Ta-li Fu

A Moso herder
A Moso woman

The Snow Mountain

A cheek gun used by one of our hunters
The first goral killed on the Snow Mountain

Hotenfa, one of our Moso hunters, bringing in a goral
Another Moso hunter with a porcupine

A typical goral cliff on the Snow Mountain

A serow killed on the Snow Mountain
The head of a serow

The “white water”

A Liso hunter carrying a flying squirrel
The chief of our Lolo hunters

A Lolo village
Lolos seeing their photographs for the first time

Travelers in the Mekong valley
Two Tibetans

The gorge of the Yangtze River

A quiet curve of the Mekong River

The temple in which we camped at Ta-li Fu
A crested muntjac

The south gate at Yung-chang
A Chinese bride returning to her mother’s home at New Year’s

A Chinese patriarch
Young China

A Shan village
A Shan woman spinning

A Kachin woman in the market at Meng-ting
One of our Shan hunters with two yellow gibbons

Our camp on the Nam-ting River
The Shan village at Nam-ka

The head of a gibbon killed on the Nam-ting River
A civet

A Shan girl
A Shan boy

A suspension bridge
Mrs. Andrews feeding one of our bear cubs

A sambur killed at Wa-tien
The head of a muntjac

A mountain chair
The waterfall at Teng-Yueh

MAP I. The red line indicates the travels of the Expedition

MAP II.  Route of the Expedition in Yuen-nan




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