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William Carew Hazlitt
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18.  The Young Ladies’ Guide in the Art of Cookery.  By Elizabeth Marshall. 8vo, Newcastle, 1777.

19.  English Housewifery Exhibited in above 450 Receipts.  By Elizabeth Moxon.  Fourth edition. 8vo, Leeds (about 1780).

20.  The Practice of Modern Cookery.  By George Dalrymple. 8vo, Edinburgh, 1781.

21.  The Ladies’ Assistant for Regulating and Supplying the Table.  By Charlotte Mason. 8vo, London, 1786.

22.  The Compleat Family Companion. 8vo, London, 1787 (?).

23.  The Honours of the Table; or, Rules for Behaviour during Meals, with the whole Art of Carving....  By the Author of “Principles of Politeness,” etc. (Trusler).  Second edition.  Woodcuts by Bewick. 12mo, London, 1791.

24.  The French Family Cook:  being a complete system of French Cookery.  From the French. 8vo, London, 1793.

25.  The British Housewife; or, The Cook’s, Housekeeper’s, and Gardener’s Companion.  By Martha Bradley. 8vo.

26.  Cookery and Pastry.  By Mrs. Macivey.  New edition, 12mo, Edinburgh, 1800.

27.  The London Art of Cookery.  By John Farley.  Fourth edition. 8vo, London, 1807.

28.  The School of Good Living; or, A Literary and Historical Essay on the European Kitchen, beginning with Cadmus, the Cook and King, and concluding with the Union of Cookery and Chymistry. 12 mo, London, 1804.

29. Culina Famulatur Medicina.  Receipts in Modern Cookery, with a Medical Commentary by Ignotus, and revised by A. Hunter, M.D., F.A.S.L. and E. Fourth edition, 12mo, York, 1806.

30.  The Universal Cook.  By Francis Collingwood and T. Woollams.  Fourth edition. 8vo, London, 1806.

31.  A Complete System of Cookery.  By John Simpson, Cook. 8vo, London, 1806.  Again, 8vo, London, 1816.

32.  Simpson’s Cookery Improved and Modernised.  By H.W.  Brand. 8vo, London, 1834.

33.  The Imperial and Royal Cook.  By Frederick Nutt, Esquire, Author of the “Complete Confectioner.” 8vo, London, 1809.

34.  The Housekeeper’s Domestic Library.  By Charles Millington. 8vo, London, 1810.

35.  The Housekeeper’s Instructor; or, Universal Family Book.  By W.A.  Henderson.  Seventeenth edition.  By S.C.  Schrubbelie, Cook to the Albany, London. 8vo, London, 1811.

36.  The Art of Preserving all kinds of animal and vegetable Substances for several years.  By M. Appert.  Translated from the French.  Second edition. 8vo, London, 1812.  With a folding Plate.

37.  Domestic Economy and Cookery, for Rich and Poor.  By a Lady. 8vo, London, 1827.  In the preface the author apprises us that a long residence abroad had enabled her to become a mistress of the details of foreign European cookery; but she adds:  “The mulakatanies and curries of India; the sweet pillaus, yahourt, and cold soups of Persia; the cubbubs, sweet yaughs and sherbets of Egypt; the cold soups and mixed meats of Russia, the cuscussous and honeyed paste of Africa, have been inserted with the view of introducing a less expensive and more wholesome and a more delicate mode of cookery.”

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